Mid range gaming laptop for non gaming purposes

I highly recommend building a desktop pc yourself, its better and cheaper.

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Gaming laptops are so cool, but i never travel anywhere so i dont need it

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I’m not computer expert but I had an asus and a Lenovo, they both were trash to me!!! Like they were okay but the PHYSICAL body of the laptop, they broke down quick. Now I have a dell for 2 years and its going very very strong.

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Oh man, imagine carrying that around with a ups, screen and keyboard. It’s amazing what they can fit into a laptop

This alienware 13 has an i5-7300 while the acer has a faster i7-7700HQ, it also has a smaller monitor and less ram.

Guys, im thinking of some other options… perhaps I could build a high -end desktop PC, and then buy a Chromebook to run Linux on. This is just an idea. Idk if a chromebook is fast enough for Eclipse projects ,however.

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I’ve had toshibas cause my wife likes that they’re light and thin. Always worked well for me and I still play games on it even though it’s prob 5-7 years old

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You could build that monster rig and then use logmein to access that beast and work remotely. I speak from experience. Can even use your phone


that’s an idea. i didn’t think of that…

There’s one more “exotic” option. Setup a deal with google for a virtualized pc. You choose the # of processors, ram, disk space and type, # of GFX cards, everything basically. Then they bill you based on how much time you use it. I can’t figure the cost cost but it’s somewhere between $15/month and very expensive.

I like the idea cause your data is all. Caked up in the cloud and you never need to buy another pc

3 Usually these updates don’t adress serious issues.
4 In my experience motherboards are overrated, with the CPU they are usually one of the last pieces to wear down or malfunction.

It is a very good idea if these computer have access to a good connection.

Nomad, but any laptop or pc you’ve used and you’d say it’s fast enough?

  1. Bios updates are important in many cases, even though they are not going to save your laptop from exploding every time
  2. motherboards are the board that have the most gentle and cheap components that are essential and problematic to replace

I’ve tested Macbook Pros and they are fast enough. I’m actually thinking of getting an i7 Macbook Air right now. Battery life is great, and its enough to use Xcode.

That’s a very basic machine in terms of sheer performance. If you are with it, you can get a relatively cheap Dell latitude, even with a GPU, examples:

There are others
Can you buy directly from Dell?

Yes the battery is great, the problem is the rest of the laptop.

I vote for iPad. It’s great for photos and you got tons of photo editing apps so you can shoot rainbows out of everyone’s mouth

The plus though is I get an OS that can run Xcode and also Windows 10 dual booted.

Do you really need Windows?

I’d like to, for most non-Xcode purposes i prefer Windows.

Many apps and games are windows only.

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