Gotta new laptop (Acer)


My software development laptop that I will probably use all throughout these next two years as a student. I was looking for a smaller, 13 inch laptop, and I reserved it online to find out upon arrival that someone had just bought the last one in stock. So I went with a 15.6 inch one, because I needed an SSD and this was all I could find, plus I’ve had good experiences with Acer products.

Once I told the salesman I was buying it (this place was similar to Best Buy), he introduced himself all friendly after being really unfriendly, then walked over to his boss and introduced me with the wrong name and I had to correct him lol.

Some guy barked at me in line for not hearing the clerk call out for the next customer. Jeez man take some Viagra or something. But I ended up having a good laugh with the clerk about spilling the Monster Drink I was buying on the laptop when I get home. One bad event is cancelled out by one good event, I guess.

Does Mr. @velociraptor like Acer as a brand?



Full setup



I tend to buy Dell exclusively. I would buy Asus if I could afford it. I’ve been hit and miss with Acer. Some have been really good and some are like the device Doc Brown sold to the Libyans in BTTF: A shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts. Just make sure you’ve got the extended warranty and you should be good.

And, can I just say, OMG, that display!


Yeah, I got the display basically for free… it really helps multitasking bc i watch tutorials while using the apps needed and it is immensely beneficial.

The laptop that got me into computers in the first place was an old POS Acer from way back, its the computer I created my first static (also POS) website that displayed disorganized NBA stats to the user. Lol. The laptop lasted 10 years and was very sturdy, so I tend to buy Acer if its an option. Or Lenovo, that’s my secondary brand.

Got any pics of your setup(s)?

Nomad, congratulations on your new laptop - enjoy!! :slight_smile:

Is this a regular laptop or a gaming laptop?

Regular. I was thinking about a gaming laptop for extra performance, but i never game or do very graphic intensive work so i went with a regular one.

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It’s a really decent screen size. I went for Lenovo but I feel it robbed … same with the Apple I had before. Utterly disappointed. , had I not listened to my bro I would have chosen either Acer or Dell.

REally? what lenovo model? My old ThinkPad was a reliable beast

Yoga 3. Its decent but bloody expensive. Could have found something with similar specs but much less.

I’ve had an Acer and a Lenovo laptop before. I preferred the Acer though my mom’s Lenovo is pretty nice. I’d say Acer is a good brand in my experience. I think Dell may be better as pixel suggested. For the most part if you treat an Acer well they easily last 8 to 10 years.

My new laptop is a Dell, they’d run out of HP’s by the time my dsa got awarded for my course.

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That’s a nice UWQHD 21:9 monitor. That’s gotta cost at least $1000USD.


Got Ubuntu Linux up and running alongside Windows 10 (dual-boot). I’m taking Unix/Linux 1 this semester (I start that class tomorrow).


Have you played with VirtualBox @Nomad?

I just got a new Acer laptop too cuz my brother broke my Chromebook.

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Oh yeah, i did a few months ago and found it ran Ubuntu pretty slow, but that was on my old Mac.

I really like your monitor!.