I would like a laptop that I can play games on. Suggestions welcome

It will mostly be for school. I most likely play games like Warcraft II and WOW. It needs to be in the $300-$450 range, as I think that’s the max I can ask for a birthday present. I will be getting this in the late summer. Also, game suggestions are welcome too.

What you want to look for is
CPU Processor: Intel i7
Graphics Card: any newer NVIDIA will work for what you are playing
RAM: 8 gigs
Hardrive: probably around 500g to 1TB
OS: Windows 10

Dell, HP, Acer are brands to look from Check NewEgg.com for really good deals. Amazon.com is also a good place to look. Don’t buy it from Wal-Mart or Best Buy cuz you might get ripped off.


For these old games you don’t need an i7 (not even an i5) or 8 gb of ram; furthermore they are too expensive for your range.
The best sellers on amazon/newegg for that price will be enough for these games.


Yes, I have a Samsung gaming laptop with a corei7, a newer NVIDIA graphics card, like 2 TB of storage, etc…but it cost nearly $2,000 dollars, US money. It’s the best to play games with, or even edit videos and stuff, but @zeno has good advice to go on amazon or newegg for a more minimalist pc that fits your price range.

Have fun!

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lol for this price you could have built a desktop more than twice as fast (I built one for my cousin with these specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1080Ti, M.2 SSD, 16 GB DDR4)

I would build (with my older brother’s help, because he’s the computer guy in the family) a desktop if my desk and room were bigger. I like to study in coffee shops tethered to a laptop, so that is what I’m getting. I’m also not a serious gamer. I’m a cheat-code-using-little-sister gamer. :wink:

I wanted a laptop I could take everywhere. I later built a pc with a good motherboard,ssd’ s and water cup cooler but after all the software it still ran over 1,000.

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At least 8 gb. I’m always running out of ram. But maybe get the i7 since you can always upgrade ram. I got an i5. I heard i5 is close to performance to i7. It’s also cheaper.

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Probably worth paying more for a Dell tbh. Mind you probably worth giving up on Microsoft and going Apple too. IDK in the same boat atm and wondering the same thing. Think I’m better off without a computer as well considering the amount of time wasted on computer games over the years.

You really don’t know what your talking about. Also I was on my phone at the time

Here’s everything I mentioned, but with an i5 processor for $500. Anything sub i5 processor is really slow and outdated, and not worth the money. I’d spend the extra $50 (OP asking around $350-450) and get something that will last a lot longer and be much more functional.

350-450 you could sacrifice ram and hard drive space but the processor is your speed bottleneck and cannot be upgraded like harddrive space and ram can. Just keep that in mind.

I don’t know what I’m talking about because going out of his budget he can find an i5 with integrated graphics (while you recommended an i7 with a newer NVIDIA [ ! ] )?

You get what you pay for. He wants to play World of Warcraft and have a decent laptop for school not an i3 slower than your phone.

Link a decent laptop then instead of telling me I’m bad for suggesting he look at $50 above his price range for a much better computer.

Also I was on my phone when I suggested he look for something with those specs.

You could almost play world of warcraft on your phone, it is a 2004 game. :slight_smile:

Furthermore without a dedicated graphic card you will not fully use your CPU.

I’m honestly trying to help OP get the best he can get. I’ve been a Computer Technician for over 4 years at a college university fixing and helping students with their computers. The number one problem I see is people buying really cheap laptops, then complaining they are terribly slow. It is because they don’t know what to look for, and often see a good deal but don’t realize that an i3 processor is so slow and out of date it’s not even funny.

If I was OP I would look for something like I listed above or better yet this:

  • It is just under $500
  • i5 processor (which again you CANNOT upgrade your processor later. You are stuck with it so better to pay a little extra since you want your laptop to last your college years.)
  • 8 gigs of ram
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Intel HD 520 graphics with dedicated memory

I agree, if he has the money and he is planning to use it for many years it is worth to spend more money. :slight_smile:

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Look mate I’m a bit edged up from this thread and we seemed to get off on the wrong foot. I am a computer nerd at heart and I want my fellow gamers to get the best they can get. It’s a darn shame how many people get ripped off at walmart or best buy or just really don’t know that much about computers and I see it every single day. There is a lot of really good laptops around $500 and I wasn’t THAT off when I typed up my “dream” inexpensive gamer laptop (which you could easily find for $600 $700)

So, I apologize @zeno . there is no need for us to argue.

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I agree and there are also people that spend 200$ for the computer case :frowning2:

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I know, it’s true. Even us gamers get ripped off :stuck_out_tongue:

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I should change my name to something more girly, because I keep getting called a dude. :wink:

Thanks @zeno and @thomas!

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