Metropolitan Los Angeles State Mental Hospital (Norwalk)--will they help or let him rot?

Hi, my son is 24, was committed to the state mental hospital (Metro Los Angeles-Norwalk, CA). I went to visit him last Sunday. The place is horrid–straight out of a horror movie. It was built in 1913, and original buildings are still standing–all boarded up and empty. Looks like a plot from Cider House Rules. He is in a 1950ish building that has not seen a new coat of paint in possibly 25 years…looks like a institution…and it is downright filthy and grimy. he is on conservatorship. He is dangerous. Will the staff there help him? will he get good food and care? or will they let him rot? So far, the past week, there have been no groups, just TV and yard time.

Sounds like they’re treating him as human lumber.

I don’t know anything about conservatorship or the mental health system in California. I’m addressing this to @SzAdmin because he knows a lot of resources. He will see your post the next time he is here.

thank you:smile_cat:

I wouldn’t judge the old looking hospital too much on first impressions. The first hospital I went in was built as an institution in pre-Victorian times. Like you say has that bad look.

But that was far and away the best hospital I have ever been in. The other patients were really ill but the staff handled it all well and with respect to the dignity of the sick folk.

Obviously I don’t know the hospital you are describing. It could be a dump and badly run. Suppose you could just give it a shot for now and see how it goes?