Metformin drug trial

Continuing the discussion from Metformin - the Anti-diabetic drug slows aging and lengthens lifespan, animal study suggests:

So everybody, I thought this article was very interesting. I decided to do my own research and liked what I found. I went an saw my doctor about it yesterday and he said he liked what I had found and said we would be able to do a drug trial if he found the same information. Now today he called me telling me that he found promising research and it is a go on the drug trial. I will see him this Friday to start up with all the blood tests and such. I will keep people posted on this when I get back from the doctors on Friday.


That is wonderful! I hope it works. =)

Thank you. I am very hopeful.

I have 80lbs I need to lose. This new diet and exercise routine sucks when I have such low energy to start with.

Yeah. I know the feeling. I know its hard to believe but I feel when I’m exhausted and I still work out I feel like I slowly gain energy while I’m exercising. And then I don’t lose it for the rest of the day. It helps to start a workout right in the morning. I try to do an hour of exercise in the morning. It helps with my mood a lot too.


My goal is to be able to do a hour in the morning. I havn’t got the nerve to go to the gym in the apartment complex so i try to do what I can at home. Crunches, jumping jacks, stair climbing, step ups, jogging in place, push ups

Some times I love going out to the gym. Because once I’m there I don’t really have an excuse to stop.

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