Mental Patients And Music

"Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast."

Well, we aren’t savages, but sometimes we are treated that way. I know now why I’m so attracted to this site and why I keep posting my music here. You see, I’ve been in so many mental hospitals that I can’t count them anymore, and I know that many of you have been hospitalized too, and for similar reasons. You’ve been there - you know the drill - they lock the door behind you with a loud clang. They serve terrible food on a plastic tray, usually some kind of crap that just sort of lays there. All the furniture is made of plastic too, probably made of the same stuff the food is.

Start then stop the track, then open SondCloud in a new tab so you may continue to navigate Schizophrenia,com without interrupting the music.You may browse from a selection of my tunes or listen to The Exegesis of Terrestrial Valence found in the list.

“The Exegesis of Terrestrial Valence”
(Turn up the volume to highest reasonable level for best results)

Sometimes the patients argue with each other. Sometimes if you get pissed they give you a shot in the ass with some concoction that makes you want to crash. Worst case is when you really get wild and they tie you down in leather restraints - Back in the 1980’s they did that to me just about every other day for about seven months straight.

I’ve got Bipolar Disorder, Type I, Manic Type in the worst way - so bad in fact that it looked just like schizophrenia for the first five years. But my problems pale in comparison to those suffered by those with SZ. You folks are my heroes because in life, no one suffers more than you do, and you do it with such grace as is hardly to be believed.

In my travels through the mental wards I have met many poeple with SZ and I always promised myself that I would go back there and help you folks somehow only to discover that there isn’t a lot I can do. The disease goes along its path, and there’s nothing I can do to change that fact. The best I can do is offer my music to you as a balm to soothe you whenever you need soothing. That would be a great pleasure to me and it would at least partially fulfill the promise I made to myself.

The tune above is entitled “The Exegesis of Terrestrial Valence”’ and is entirely instrumental. “Exegesis” means explanation, “Terrestrial” is in reference to the Earth and Nature, and “Valence” is the capacity for one thing to interact with something else. This tune therefore is to be taken to be an explanation of how Nature can interact with us, and in this case, interact with those who suffer from major mental conditions. It is my firmly held belief that each of us will heal over time to the degree we allow Nature (including man-made medical intervention) to take its course. I’m 50 now, and I’m doing a lot better than I was when I was 20.

The music is for you to enjoy.If it becomes too much, just switch it off. Of course I’d love to hear from you, maybe hear some of your experiences at the institutions. Those places are a real drag, and still I feel they are what draw me here. Does music help you feel better? Personally, I can’t get enough of it, but that’s me.

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I actually liked the food at the hospital… :smile: We had a menu we could choose what to eat with antecipation! This girl used to come around and ask everyone what they wanted, almost singing the menu and everyone loved her, she was the food girl, the beared of good news.

I like your music.


Thank you Minnii - and there have been a few joints I’ve been in that have had pretty good grub. Sometimes we could order doubles! I gained weight at that place let me tell you.

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As far as helping a sz, the best you can do is offer them “3 hots and a flop” and give them the time to figure themselves out in a peaceful environment. Of course, we have a way of disturbing our own peace which is why we require being watched closely in a hospital setting now and then.


chordy, I don’t have the resources to give anyone a flop or a cot. But in my heart I would do it in a second because I at least have some small comprehension of the suffering that SZs go through. Manic Depressive Illness is closely related to SZ and though not as severe, has a lot of the same symptoms. I was hit hard when I was 16 and again when I was 19. It kicked my ass so hard I didn’t know what planet I was on for a long time. It is my stand that MI does not subtract one iota of value from a person and you deserve nothing but the best. Nothing will deter me from that position, and so I offer to you the best I have to give, which is my music. Listen to it any time you like.

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I’ve been hospitalized a lot too - well over twenty times. It’s been about two or three years since my last hospitalization. I od’ed on Klonopin and Atavan. Those pills were stronger than I thought.


Yeah crimby ya gotta be careful with that stuff! Hell! Ya gotta be careful period.

I was looking for a “calming” piece of music…I didn’t find this of the such. Perhaps for someone experiencing an episode, this may be appealing. As someone that is recovering and healing, I had to turn off. Maybe something more relaxing will appeal to more people.

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Okay - here’s something more soothing just for you:

Its really short so you won’t have to be too patient or have a long attention span, and it is very, very calm.


I just posted a really calm piece for you, but I wanted to make sure you got a notification so I linked this reply to yours.

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Yes! This was relaxing and soothing…I’m recovering from a bad episode and therefore I seek out “calm” situations, music and people. Thank you for being so thoughtful and reposting just for me!

Its my pleasure…

It’s really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!