Music by An SZ 4 U

Turn the volume up if you want the best results.
Pretty good for a diagnosed schizophrenic wouldn’t you say?
I mean, when I was 19, I was in a state institution bouncing off the walls man - being tied to gurney tables every other day for eight hours at a stretch, and that went on for seven months the first time, and seven different hospitalizations of various duration after that.

We schizoid people can do some cool stuff too 'cause I happen to think my music is alright no matter if people say anything about it or not. But it ain’t as easy as it seems I’ll tell you that much. So I hope you enjoy the freebie - its my pleasure to indulge my courageous friends here at

Leave a comment so I’ll know that you didn’t not like the tune. Please. Or maybe if you’re not in the mood to indulge me - then just forget it. Enjoy the music anyway - or hate it, I can’t make you like it.

Nice drums are they programmed or live?

Thank you. They are programmed.