Mental illness and criminal violence *trigger warning*


From the perspective of a person with MI, do you think that mentally ill people who commit violent crimes really do lack awareness of their actions? I read an article about a schizophrenic man stabbing his brother with a sword because he thought he [his brother] was turning into a lizard. I’ve been hostile during episodes but even during an episode I can’t see myself doing something violent like that, because I’m usually aware that something is wrong with me. I’m not sure someone killing their own brother is rational, but how sick do you have to be to be that unaware?


If you are in psychosis, you are unaware.


I’m normally pretty calm, but under a nootropic-induced mania I flipped out and attacked a family member who I thought was in charge of my mental torture. Wish I had never taken that nootropic.


Ive battered a few people in the past when unwell, and served a couple of sentances when for it - but i honestly cant blame it solely on the Sz. Yes - i was psychotic, but i was under the influence of other substances at the time. I was just more at risk then cos i wasnt medicated properly then , but had i not done a load of speed i probably wouldnt have been so violent towards people.


You should put in your mind,some bad people have using the schizophrenia issue to make a crimes and escaping from the penalty .
They justify themselves from the crimes by claiming that they are schizophrenics (as if the mind is out of service during the waking time)

In principle,the violent is possible but for very limited time and focus on specific person (s).


Im sure you are fully aware that schophrenics are not usually violent - its a myth. Usually some other substance is involved as well - increasing the risk of harm. I remember when i was all over the papers when i went thru the town with a machete. Headline “schizophrenic causes terror” - its no flaming wonder we are stigmatized. In all honesty i probably didnt help the cause for us! sorry!

Didnt mention at all i was a vulnerbale adult that tried to hang himself earlier in the day either cos i was suicidal. The media are bastards.


It is just single violent condition in lifetime against the other( for specific excuse related with the internal persona of sz events ),and may be some attempts to harm oneself by mistake or delusional thinking
But the disposition towards the violent is just an accuse falsely .
For example ,look at a Girl with schizophrenia, where you find the violent in its behavior towards the otherness ?
they are insist to understanding the event mistakenly in order to conclusion misleading facts,because this is a Sustenance for some people (usufructuary )!
We know there is a complicated details to explain


Idk, I could see myself not taking meds and doing something harmful bc of it, but I don’t think killing someone would ever strike me as acceptable, psychotic or not


Gender has a stronger association with violence than schizophrenia. Compared to a woman, your average guy is actually more dangerous than your average schizophrenic. And to add to this, most of the association between schizophrenia and violence comes from those with comorbid substance abuse.

“Schizophrenia and other psychoses are associated with violence and violent offending, particularly homicide. However, most of the excess risk appears to be mediated by substance abuse comorbidity. The risk in these patients with comorbidity is similar to that for substance abuse without psychosis.”

So yes, there is a connection, but it’s nothing to get wound up about. And yes, media companies are acting immorally when they sensationalize this association between psychosis and violence.


My country has a high security forensic hospital. All behind fences etc. From what I gather most of the people there have personality disorders rather than sz


Humans can be violent for different reasons. Basically, if you have schizophrenia or bipolar or schizoaffective disorder, taking antipsychotics is the best way to avoid ending up in prison or homeless.


I think this guy was also a white supremacist. Probably all sorts of red flags. And they say he was diagnosed, but don’t know if he was in treatment or not.


Most of them are. Unless the disease impairs the reality testing and causes mindblindness, it’s hard not to be aware of the deficiencies. There are powerful “defense mechanisms,” like denial, but that does not mean that someone is not aware, only tries to not to accept it or blame someone else.

Today, laws in the US and Canada generally hold that if a person cannot tell right from wrong due to a mental illness, then they are “not guilty by reason of insanity” (or similar language depending on the state or province). Most mental illness is not severe enough to meet this standard, and the “insanity defense” is actually used fairly rarely.


If you know the cause/effect of all behavioral responses for people with sz.
please, write by detail, the scenario of internal mental events that the person with sz have coexist with, from the first moment of psychosis to the moment of first medical dose,it is about 1-2 days.
This stage is the most dangerous time in the person life ,it is regulates all personal behavioral responses towards oneself and all others in all positions along lifetime !

In other words,the data of schizophrenia preface is the Nerve Motor for all behavioral responses along lifetime ,so that if you do not know exactly the sz preface scenario, your understanding and explanation for the behavioral responses is out side the box - regardless your evaluation to the visual behavior outputs

The behavior patterns outputs are linking with the cause/ effect not by your theoretical conclusions


Regard with a person with schizophrenia ;
His internal interaction with the data preface of sz though out using his personal cultural content,will determine from now to the lifetime the patterns of unexpected behavioral responses of the person towards himself,others and with all daily life influences of events that the person have coexist with day by day,
-the imaginary people supported with the pronounced voices (thoughts) and the cultural interaction of the person with them ,will determine the type of behavioral response towards the world of things
Please,do not insist to neglect the common content because it is sensitive and touch the life of the person and the others around him

What is result ,in the case if the first early episode of sz was happened in the following conditions;
1- the Person walking in the street/swing in the sea
2-the person in the school,the job or in his house
3-driving a car
4-in a social meeting with his girl friend or/ friends
5- during preparation of marriage with a girl
-if there is a family problems with father/mother/sister/brother/ or personal
problem with his girl friend, or social problem with the neighbor /relatives
6- for a solder before ware events,during and after the end of war…etc

The person have going to interaction with the sz data preface (imaginary persons) while he under the effect of one or more from these events ,and you can imagine the endless results !


I met one guy who robbed a convenience store with a BB gun and didn’t remember it. He’d been in jail, and then they sent him to the mental hospital. I guess they didn’t know what to do with them.


For your information,
The schizophrenia potential state ITSELF is not a part from the inherited biological structure,the psychological component nor all patterns of the personal behaviors !
SZ is not the body,the self, the acquired cognition content by self experiences nor any ecological influence
sz is inhuman life have living in the human life ,involvement the human in his personal property ,have acting as a parasitic life,
By frank expression,the sz is just a higher psychic parasite have working on the cultural material “information” of the human being (host)-it is a new unexpected issue for all of you

Sz is a Conscious Parasite have working ON the personal ideological framework/content ,the stored data of the memories events ,the religious belief ,the acquired psychological experiences along the past history ,personal relationship with all others ,social linkages,the personal mores

The main elements of the sz internal logic is different/contrary about the current paradigm
it means,you must change your thinking way in order to understand the real facts of the schizophrenia potential state

in reality,the schizophrenia have acting as a living psychic entity not as a brain disease or mental illness/disorders/dysfunction or else,
In general,the schizophrenia condition trait is like the parasitic condition not like a genetic disease or mental illness ,it is alive independent health condition have the full ability to express about him/herself by the linguistic expressions ,the spoken word,thoughts and all aspects of expressive tools,
,Sz have seek all time of waking to be a combined partner with the host in anything/everything.
related with his thoughts,emotions and executive behaviors
Please,understand that, if you deal with the sz condition as if it is a brain disease or abnormal biochemistry .,all actions and tests that be taken on this condition will give you negative outcome that do not corresponding with the expected outcome of all genetic diseases

Because you have treating the condition as a disease while it is a whole living psychic entity ,add for that it is not a part from the inherited genetic structure nor a part from the psychological component, and above of all it is effect on the implicit concept of each current mental process be treated mentally by the mind of the host (i.e the effect is cognitive not chemically ),it have seek to change the mental concept towards the irrationality

It means,changing the brain chemistry balance state according to the Cognitive Changes that has been occurring in the mental processes ,i.e the changing in the mental process is the working order to coding and decoding the changes in the chemical background -it is unexpected pathway !!!
this is the principle core of the disorder -no else
the mental change is the main problem not the chemical,because the mental change is the designer for all disorders/symptoms Not the defective gene,abnormal chemistry or even the self will


@panoramic20, even if SZ is due to “psychic parasites”, medication works to “tune them out”, and can work well enough to mute them entirely.

I say this with firsthand experience doing that.


You say;medication works to “tune them out”, and can work well enough to mute them entirely !
The current medication have work on the symptoms NOT on the parasite factor (root cause),add for that they have not any idea about the parasite factor mainly nor the effect mechanisms.
The tactic must be used to treating the cause is vary different about treating a symptoms

They treatment these symptoms as if they were rooted from inherited genetic disease in the brain,
as if there is a defective gene have coding/decoding theses symptoms by arising abnormal chemical substances in the brain ,while the number of the Spoken Thoughts which they are running in the mind/brain in any period of time is the influence who is determine the rate quantity of the neural pulses , speed and direction—and there is an objective evidences proving this fact !

The similar case,when you treatment the bad side effect (secondary symptoms) of the flu disease by medication and ignore the cause of flu (virus) , after 2 weeks ,you will notice that the flu symptoms disappearing completely ,
but by mistake you think that the medication treat the flu disease ,while you do not know that the immune system is the cause of flu disappearing entirely !

But there is no immune system defenses towards the schizophrenia ,and this means that the medication will mute the symptoms while the cause of sz will remain exist along life time ,and there is a possibility for appearing or disappearing the symptoms in any time (because the cause remain exist forever ) !

treatment the schizophrenia is all possible ways which make you able to live your life and act/behave under the existence and effect of the schizophrenia cause,but the final recovery issue from sz is not possible by the current medication because cause of sz is unexampled " higher psychic parasite (s)" or meta psychological parasite entity “s”-whereas some people call this with the term “hallucinations” or “psychosis” and in the public culture there is many names !


My counselor always tells me, “Taking meds is an act of love for your family.” I don’t think I would be violent, but I take them, even when I don’t want to, because it’s better for other people.

Some people should take their meds, so they aren’t violent.