Mental health act uk



I’ve just been discharged from hospital from a restriction section. Just before my tribunal the second opinion doctor told me that once I am in the community nobody can force me to have my depot.
My solicitor confirmed this but added that the psychiatrist will report it to the ministry of justice and they will want to know that I have relapsed before I am recalled. Does anyone know more about this??


I don’t know much about the mental health act UK. If you have been discharged with some sort of community treatment order then even though no one can force you to continue to to have your depot, they may be able to have you assessed by medical staff to ensure that you have not relapsed. If there are break through symptoms or you have relapsed they may be able to form or section you under the mental health act. I do believe we have members on here from the UK that could better answer.



You didn’t say what kind of medicine you’re getting in your depot. Does it disagree with you? If it does maybe you could talk your doctor into trying you on a different med. If you approach it right they might be willing to work with you. All the anti-psych’s have side effects, but it varies from person to person how bad they are. I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over ten years, and I feel fine. I’m physically weakened by those med’s, but I’m as strong as ever mentally.