Menopause -

Thinking about this is a lot worse than it actually is for me.
I don’t know how i will feel after menopause.

only at the beginning of perimenopause though

2 hot flushes so far, ever… not very bad ones


I have a lot of menopause related fears too,

Being a woman is tough.


I saw a woman who could have been 60 with the face and body of a fit slim 40 yr old… she was definitely older / post menopause but had the face of pre menopause.

My sister is 4 years younger than me and has had fillers, botox, lip treatments, and nose surgery to correct a problem with her nose and she looks great.
my sister has been having treatments for at least 3 years

i had fears about having this type of thing done… but i am starting to feel like having it.

i frown soooooooo much naturally and it is a bad look

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I don’t know if the money i spend on a good jumper is worth the same as injections in the face.

it disfigures you for a day or two sometimes, and i’d hate to have to stay home just to keep up the mystery.

a complete waste of time… if the people I would be trying to impress would all see me even with temporary blown up swelling

I don’t see the point in having anything done if i can’t get my weight down and keep it down

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It’s so freeing not to give a f@ck what others think.

But I am also concerned about the health effects and feelings.

Don’t care if I’m wrinkly and whatever. Do care about brittle bones and insomnia.


I’m not at that age yet, but I admittedly look forward to it. I hear it can help migraines to settle down, and I get so many migraines. I also won’t have to worry about hormonal acne!


Figured out that what i’d want is so far from what I could afford
Doesn’t even come close

I’m petrified that the upcoming chemo meds will thrust me into menopause. I’m too young! Also started ivf treatments today.


I am in perimenopause. On the bright side, menstruating was a hassle and I am glad it is tapering off. :slight_smile:


@Thanna My hot flashes have not been that bad either. We are lucky.


@Skims Good luck with the IVF and chemo meds!


skims, good health to you, prayers with you.

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I am also now, it seems - I just had a short interval between, not missed one yet,
don’t like grey hair that much, but it can be quite pretty if it’s styled

Yeah i hope they don’t get worse, i have read that they can be awful…

the time i spent with no periods on Risperidone was great.

I hope that i would eventually stop feeling pre menstrual in the process of menopause -
that must be a huge benefit.

feeling really good again for more than 2 weeks at a time would be really great

Perimenopause is pure hell. Lots and lots of bleeding and migraine headaches every day. Oftentimes more than one a day. Hot flashes. But menopause, (when you finally stop bleeding), is pure heaven. No more bleeding and very rare migraine headaches. And the hot flashes get infrequent too.


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