Getting basic Botox

I’m going to get this treatment to remove the stress from my face

I basically look miserable all the time
Permanent frown
I thought I wouldn’t ever get it but my sister has had help and looks amazing for her age


One of my friends recently got it and it looks fantastic! I always associated it with that plastic fake look but turns out it’s actually lovely when it’s not over done. Good luck! I bet you’ll look great :slight_smile:


Good luck just dont get too much so you cant smile anymore.

People say its addictive


I went for a facial yesterday and after I had new layer of skin I looked half my age
How old are you
I might try it later on


I am 43 but my sister started age 35 and has prevented a lot of lines and looks amazing

I can relate to how addicting it is just by knowing how much any of these procedures help

I saw a woman age about 60 with a 40 y o face and she looks amazing
It’s not as ugly as I really feared

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