Men want a wife becasue they're lazy

Say it isn’t so…

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I don’t want a wife, so I have no idea why. My guess is that it has more to do with tradition and expectations from society.

Yeah - tradition and expectation of laziness.

I think it is more for companionship and trust. But then again, my fiancé is the one who does all the cleaning, so maybe I just got lucky.

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Would it not be just as easy, if not easier, to be a companion to and trust another male?

Well yeah, but sex is also a big part of most marriages. Not all men are sexually attracted to other men.

Sex in marriage, to me, is mostly a bad and ineffective habit.

I’m sorry about that.

I’ve gotten to where I like living in my disorderly ways. That could be a problem if I ever got married.


Marriage takes work. If one or both of the parties stop working on the relationship they get divorced. I was talking to my landlady recently while the inspected the house. she had been married like 78 years or something like that. and she said you learn to pick your fights and let go of the ones that hurt the marriage.

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You’re talking to the guy who does most of the cooking and housework.

I’m sorry parts of your life sucked, but please stop applying that crap to everyone else. It’s insulting.



Nope. Back in the day I cooked her meals, took care of all the needs of our cats, and did all our laundry.

Only reason I genuinely want a wife is physical companionship & intimacy. It’s nice having someone around that fully accepts you, and it’s also nice to experience releases of physical tension together in a rather mundane & stressful system that is this world.


A lot of women want a husband because they’re greedy for more money.

And a lot of people get married because they want to dress up, be centre of attention and have a party.

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Yes, and it is just as unfair to over generalize on both sides. Though, I will admit, I am rather looking forward to the party aspect of getting married!

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I invited you to say it isn’t so. So it isn’t so for you - then why are you so upset.

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Some men are created to be a good husbands.
But I’m not into those men :sob:


I just went to my best friends wedding. I was the best man. He’s one of the hardest working compassionate people I know. He’s a good dude.

I’m not saying everyone’s wrong but how come no one mentioned that some people marry because they’re in love with each other?


Love? People can be love out of marriage! Marriage is about property, not love! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think this post might have helped me more than you @chordy

@77nick77 I think it’s because lots of people get married either because they want babies, money, just to start that chapter in life, ect. I think that real love matches are rare. People (or at least women in my opinion) are generally desperate to get married. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the phrase ‘my biological clock is ticking’. I am horribly sexist against men but I think that men feel a purer love than women. Women are expected to just fall in and out of love easily. A woman who pines over a man and tries to prove her worth is laughed at and a man who does the same is praised. In other words women are socialized to be fickle and give up easily and men are taught that love can be true even if they don’t love you. I don’t mean that in the creepy stalker way all the time. If you’ve ever read Harry Potter (spoiler warning) I mean it in the Lilly and Snape way. That would not have flown if it was a woman.

I also think that some men marry because of social expectations too. ‘This one’s pretty, she seems nice enough, her background (family, job, social standing, etc) is good, and she seems nice. I’ll go with this one’. Then they both stop hiding who they really are and things get ugly.