Men and women understanding each other

I thought of this question from the thread “sick of attracting guys attention”. Do women understand men more than men understand women? I’m not sure but I think women understand men more than men understand women.


After the train wreck that thread turned into, I’ll sit out this thread. I’ll have my popcorn at the ready though.


Well, that’s the thing. Guys are for the most part quite simple.

Girls on the other hand are a mystery (even to me) they won’t tell you what they want, they say one thing and mean another, ect.


What about attractive women who understand other attractive women who attract attractive men? Is this attractive?


Was it a trainwreck? I didn’t notice honestly.

Im getting dizzy

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2 and 2 is 4, shoes outside the door

Guys aren’t simple. We just don’t lie as much.

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Who says that woman lie more? Could you link me the source of the medical study that found that true? Huh? No? You can’t? :confused:

I didn’t say I was quoting a study. It’s just my experience as someone who is a guy and has been in several relationships with guys, and someone who’s had both a mom and a dad and many female and male friends. And you just said the same thing in your previous post: “They say one thing and mean another”. You can dress it up all you want, but the only reason people say “women are complex” is to put a nice spin to the fact that they’re not as honest. And that’s not always a bad thing. Women can be easier to be with for the same reason. Honesty can be exhausting and hurtful.

Also, many men hide and refuse to talk about feelings. That makes them seem simpler. But they have just as many and as strong feelings as women.


Also, just a disclaimer: I’m not talking about all women or all men. I’m talking about general tendencies. You’ll find many, many extremely honest women and extremely dishonest men.

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Okay you made it sound better. I see where you’re coming from.

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I kind of agree with you about women being less honest.
That’s why I don’t have many female friends.
It’s not that women lie more, but it seems like a lot of women, even without realising it themselves, play games and throw hints and micro-manipulate instead of being honest about what they want you to do or say.

Guys seem to be more transparent when it comes to their expectations.
… And easier to deal with emotion wise.
I have a guy best friend, and sure, he blows up once in a while, but he’s quickly calmed down again.
My female friends can go on being mad at someone for weeks, talking about it to anyone who’ll listen.
I can’t deal with people clinging onto negative emotions like that.

And I can’t trust someone who’ll get upset with me for not taking whatever obscure hints they were sending my way, and who’ll tell anyone but me that they’re mad.

I know a lot of women aren’t like that, but I’ve encountered many who are.

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I’m not positive but I think women have to hide things.

Yes, that was mainly what I was thinking about. But I oversimplified it and called it lying (another thing men seem to do too often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

And you’re right, a lot of women aren’t that way. I know some that definitely are not that way at all. Not even slightly. But you could also try to find some gay male friends who aren’t especially effeminate. Even though it may seem like most of us are very effeminate, I promise you that about 50% of us are not more effeminate than the typical straight guy really is (if you took away his fear of acting in a “gay” way). The TV and internet tend to only show you the effeminate gay guys.

I disagree for the most part. I shite with the door open and will tell someone if I don’t like them just like a guy could.

The only thing woman have to hide is our bare breasts so we don’t get pinned down and raped. (even though it’s the same as a male chest, but more fatty tissue)

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Yes omg that’s so annoying!
I have a theory that it actually influences a lot of younger gays to think that they have to act that way in order to be ‘properly’ gay.

I’ve met many gay guys who are just like straight men, and I’ve met straight men who’ve been very effeminate, and it annoys me to no end that the only gay guys people get to see in the media are those types like Kurt fron Glee, or those two from Modern Family.

The difference between a man and a woman?

A man will work all day, come home and turn on the TV.

A woman will work all day, come home and tell you every detail about her day…reliving every single moment…THEN she’ll turn on the TV.

I think all people are pretty straightforward. Women and men are pretty cut and dried as far as behavior. Honestly humans are boring :sleeping:

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It really annoys me too. I don’t feel like I can relate well to those people, although I’m glad they at least have many more gay characters in TV shows these days. And I’m living proof that your theory is more than just a theory. I went through that phase for about a year when I came out of the closet at 16.

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