Memory problems (poll)

Did the psychotic episodes left you with memory problems?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t remember

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Elaborate if you wish


For much of my life, I’ve always had a really good memory. It’s only been for about the last several months, though, that it’s been slipping, both short and long term. I think it’s just age though.

Glad you had good memory. Sucks you’re having a decline though.

I always had good memory, but since the psychotic episode that my memory is weird. Good memory for some things, terrible memory for other things. It’s rather selective.

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I struggle more with remembering to do things and going to my appointments and such since my psychotic episodes. But I forgot what that type of memory is called.

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I don’t know what it’s called either

My memory was bad when I was smoking a lot of weed, then it actually improved after my first psychotic episode, now it’s tailed off a bit but still better than when I was smoking Weed

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You have great memory!! You remember everyone’s little details :slight_smile:

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I have a visual memory and seeing it written out definitely helps. Thank you!

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I remembered what it was called. It’s called prospective memory. That’s what I struggle with. :slight_smile:


Well that sucks…

Yes,one time i felt like i dont have memory at all …thanks to med that help me anit cool down and meditation i do daily has helped a lot …i want improved myself…:alien: …!!!

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I used to remember entire conversations, and kept going back to them for weeks, even months sometimes. That also used to happen with bad moments, out of the blue, obsessively, I guess you can call that a great memory or maybe sickness. Nowadays I can barely recall what I heard 15 minutes ago!

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I have a problem with prospective memory when it comes to tasks like brushing my teeth. Hence why they are in a dreadful state.

I used to be terrible at that. I still often forget to brush them in the morning. But I find that when I do something right after waking up and right before going to bed it is easier to make it a routine and remember it.

My memory is very bad. There are moments in time that I have completely forgotten that people have reminded me of.

My short term memory is pretty bad too. I forget what I’m saying half way through saying it. A lot.

Oh yeah. Short term memory is damaged (why am I in my bedroom armed with a toothbrush? Oh yeah I was showering and forgot a washcloth) and long term is too (I have a semester of neuroscience on my transcript with a 3.5 at the time and in honors sections and I straight up do not know that stuff) yeah I totally have memory problems.

I seem to be good or bad with memory, either defunct or exact.

I have major memory issues. I don’t know if it was from sz, psychotic episodes, meds, strokes, car accident, or combo of it all. Let’s see I had sz from young age, several psychotic breaks, 3 strokes, and a car really fell on my head where I lost consciousness for about 20mins and caused me to go blind for 3days. So who knows what it is from.

My memory issues are mostly little, every day things, conversations, and then some major lapses in childhood memories where everyone says I just made it all up.

Psychotic depression ruined my ability to recall simple tasks. Sucks. :slight_frown: But hey on the bright side, I can become Dory now.


How on earth did that happen?

@anon84763962 I was helping my husband at the time replace a transmission. He asked me to get under the car and just hold the bottom of the transmission. I was under the car and it was on ramps in a sandy area. Ramps gave way, I couldn’t get out all the way so I was body out, head under and the car front frame landed on my head. I still believe he was trying to kill me. Wasn’t long after that we weren’t together anymore. That was 20 so years ago.