Memories of my mom

Well, I’m missing my mom and dad. I can’t stop the memories of my mom that pop into my head during many times of the day, I like thinking of her but I’ll be out in public or relaxing outside and I’ll hit me that she’s really gone and I’ll get sad. I like thinking good thoughts about her and remembering growing up with her and stuff like that. She used to make me mad and infuriate me sometimes and of course since she was a parent she had to lay down the law and discipline me often. There are a lot of kids who were more trouble to their parents than me as I was growing up but I caused my share of trouble. But I’m not proud of it at all .

But yeah, my curfew was often a bone of contention in my house. We fought that argument weekly all through high school. I used to come home hours late at night. I was out partying with my friends or driving around or hanging out down the street with the girls and guys on my street. Doing chores was another issue or keeping my room clean.

Anyway, once i got older, my relationship with my mother got better and we could enjoy being together. She really was a nice person. She would probably have liked a lot of you guys on here. Many people IRL have made the comment that our family was really nice. And, I’m thankful that schizophrenia didn’t take that away from me. Anyway, I hope you guys are having as good as night as I am tonight. If I could, I would spread the wealth, so to speak, and pass on some good vibes. Enjoy your moments of peace and savor them in the moment. They are all too few and far between. Sayanara.


When I was a teen, I had a lot of difficulty with my parents, too. My older brother and sister always did my speaking for me and once they were gone, there was almost no relationship between me and my parents. I was shellfish, immature and negative. I wasn’t a partyer because of my social immaturity, I was more like a blob. Anyway, I think I never 100% made up with my parents. We had ups and downs. But if I had been as well as I am now when they were alive, things would have been better. I have so much more interest in life now.