Melatonin, bad choice

I tried Melatonin for just a couple days. I did plenty of research and have even been prescribed it a year ago to try but it didn’t work out. I really should listen to what I read before I give another try to these supplements. I knew it could cause depression. I thought with my good mood and fish oil supplements, it was worth another try to try to get my sleep back in order. But it just wrecked my sleep at off times and caused a down feeling and anxiety. Makes it kind of hard to look for a job with much interaction or multitasking when you get that way sometimes.

So I quit taking it today, and already feel better, no binging or insomnia etc. I do normally have strange sleep habits but at least I manage to fit in restful sleep throughout a 24 hour period and feel good because of that.

I’ve got to stop experimenting with these tempting supplements and research carefully what could happen, and try to stay in a good state where I can find a part time job, be as conservative about my routine as possible.

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I’ve tried melatonin last year and it didn’t even help me sleep. If you have insomnia, try Ativan, I used to take 0/5 mg and it worked for me. Ask your doc about it if you want. But why do you have insomnia in the first place?

People with schizophrenia commonly have severe sleep problems. I read that 80% do. I have had insomnia for over 20 years, and as I started taking antidepressants 15 years ago, those made it worse. My internal clock has been spinning for decades and I have had strange, around-the-clock sleep habits the whole time. A part time job is a constant struggle for me as I have to work around the work hours and try to fit in sleep (and of course try to sleep at night if I can, but I usually can’t keep that up.)

You might want to make sure you arent doing simple things that you dont know are mistakes on melatonin.
-electronics after taking it
-doing anything other than lying in the bed in the dark trying to sleep after taking it
-taking too much of it
-not asking your doctor before taking it

I take 6-9mg, usually 9mg sub-lingual (dissolves under your tongue) after turning the lights out and committing to going to sleep for 8 hours. I sometimes listen to music without looking at the screen of my phone, that’s different for different people, as I get sleepy when I listen to ■■■■■■ up music like uh Avenged Sevenfold for example. It’s because I identify with what I hear and it comforts me. Literally listening to songs about being psychotic and crap. Makes me feel better, but that’s just me.

My shrink told me to take 10mg of melatonin. I am sort of a juggernaut against downers. It is fascinating but not fun when I was prescribed two different sleeping pills and they both just made me feel either high or like I was dying. Ambien made me high (really high) and that ■■■■ is useless for sleep (Hi, Eminem) and Trazodone made me feel like I was having a heart attack (because heart attacks are comforting and help people sleep, right?) no

Okay so yeah youre right about this

that’s even in the interview to diagnose us, uh huh,

What…anxiety? What do you mean “wrecked your sleep”? You might have a mood disorder. That’s not a normal reaction at all.

Go ask your doctor, either a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, either one should have an answer.

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Don’t take that stuff man it could screw up your sleep pattern forever,seriously that stuff can f**k your world for good.

I take 10mg don’t think it does much. You have to avoid light after taking it, if I herd right. It might add to weird dreams. Like last night/this morning I dreamt I was in drag, running down a small hall with niomi Campbell.

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yeah it does screw with receptors involved with dreams…so does Geodon…hence my vivid nightmares…sometimes they start out as good dreams, then all hell breaks loose over ■■■■ that I cannot control. That is a recurring theme- ■■■■ that I cannot control. It makes sense! I control a lot of hard-to-handle ■■■■ every day! So naturally my nightmare is ■■■■ that I cannot control…(like women…cant understand or ever control them…ha) wait thats sexist I shouldnt want to control them. I should shut up.

It’s really not sedating…not after two weeks of your brain adjusting to it. I mean I take 120mg of it every day and I uh well you can find me doing energetic things (usually in a slightly agitated mood but very polite) when I am not asleep at night.

I could copy notes from a lecture I was sitting in on about scz and atypicals but they are not as sedating, especially Geodon. Geodon in particular is known for very little sedation (dont make me cite books, now) and little if any weight gain. Hey I have been taking it for years, give me a little credit. It’s in my blood right now.

My psychiatrist prescribed me it with keeping my physical strengths and mental acuity intact. He made it clear that he does not want to see me become a zombie. I agreed. I actually asked for thorazine and he was like ■■■■ no what the hell. He said “less is more” when it comes to my case of schizophrenia…but that is my case, not yours.

But you might get your killer bod back. Worth it?

oh and this

yeah I would know, that ■■■■ is bad though, I would rather be controlled because I am ■■■■ crazy. They often have histories of abuse/trauma. That is sad.

uh that was besides the point.

Geodon is good- really, it is good. It is not very sedating, well, I am sedated when I wake up, but I am on lets count…like Count Dracula from the Sesame Street…■■■■ it Im on like 6 drugs. Approximately

Abilify or Geoden hmmmm. I plan on making a switch next Thursday. This haldol makes my body feel like it’s old and I’m only 31. Plus I only take .5mg

I remember when I was on risperdal for like a week. I liked my workouts, but it gave me hunger like I never had before. So I switched. But if you swear by geoden mouse!!!

I suffer from panic attacks, mostly minor, 2 hours after sleeping. I wake up afraid and confused. I then spend an hour in a sleep walking stage before I usually get some okay sleep. I take melatonin but only 0,5 mg and I believe it helps with sleeping deeply. I wouldnt touch a sleeping pill, but this is fine.

I don’t know if Mel can “cause” clinical depression, but it stands to reason (because of its mechanism of action) that it would make existing depression worse for some people.

I’m so sorry. I had that only when I got on Geodon. It reversed my sleep cycle. Anyway, now it’s been some time I’m on Latuda and my sleep cycle has improved significantly. Maybe the meds caused that agitation for you?

I guess I was wondering if anyone else had had a bad experience with Melatonin. I do have a mood disorder for which I take Lexapro, but even with any of the antidepressants I’ve tried, I still get minor not major depression a lot and have to do other things to help with that. I don’t know if Melatonin just doesn’t help when you have a depressive disorder or what.

I found that Melatonin, any brand, over many weeks, just had the same bad effect of reversing my sleep completely and making it harder to sleep and making me feel like I had minor depression.

I wish I hadn’t tried it again this week. It’s wearing off now and I’ll feel better within a few days.

If the depression was at least partly caused by distorted thinking, it won’t be fully treatable with meds. You’ll have to do some psychotherapy. This is the hot list for cognitive clinical depression:

the mindfulness-based cognitive therapies:
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ACT – ACT | Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
MBBT – An Introduction to Mind-Body Bridging & the I-System – New Harbinger Publications, Inc
10 StEP – Pair A Docks: The 10 StEPs of Emotion Processing

the even newer somatic psychotherapies like…
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or standard CBTs, like…
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