Meeting guy who worked at sober house for coffee

Yep, two addicts in relationship is hell.
Think about ‘Requiem for dream’ or even more realistically ‘Candy’ with Heath Ledger.

You are a good friend.

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It’s odd to think… in my drug years… I’ve only really known two heroin users…

My older cousin who introduced me into drugs… and my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me when I wanted to quit drugs…

They both died before 25.

@turningthepage that was a great move!
I want my son to do the same thing.
Congrats on reaching out! :raised_hands: *

I called another staff member from the sober house today, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known, and we’re hitting a meeting together this week now. He’s an ex-heroin addict too. I’ve known a lot of ex-heroin addicts in recovery.

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Meeting tonight I didn’t enjoy that much…I mean it was still good. I feel good afterwards. But it was a fancy expensive hospital with lots of rich kids. My parents have money but for some reason I don’t like rich people that much. They all complained about their dual diagnosis. I try not to mention I’m dual-diagnosed at AA meetings. AA meetings are for drug/alcohol treatment not for bi-polar treatment. I don’t need to mention it. Those are separate problems even if there is some link after all. I’d just rather not mention it and address the problem at hand. idk.

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I think that’s great @turningthepage. (that you went out for coffee)

God…that is horrible. I’m sorry that you had to go through it.
Part of me wants to get away from this …and other part is stuck.