Meeting guy who worked at sober house for coffee

I called a guy who worked at the sober house and told him I had relapsed and gave him the schpeel. Immediately he invited to meet for coffee. Maybe he could be my sponsor. He’s very insightful works in addiction and recovery. He’s an ex heroin and crack addict he’s chill loves sports like me. Asked if I was still taking my meds . Fun guy to be around.


He’s 30 but has like 8 years sober. Used to piss me off sometimes but now I wanna be sober so he seems cooler

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That’s great, seems like you are really turning the page! I would like to hear that guy’s story as well. Maybe you could write it here sometimes.

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I know he went to jail cuz he used to steal a lot for drugs and got sober in jail. Really turned his life around.

What does it mean that he could be your “mentor” ?
I’ve never met any recovered H addict.

Sponsor. It’s a term in aa, you go to meetings with them, go for coffee, fishing, etc… You call them everyday and they take you through the twelve steps. In aa they preach networking/having people in your life as the best way to stay sober. Sober ppl u can call for advice. I think this guy liked crack cocaine more than heroin. He’s a “hard” man. Id describe him as.

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Me neither…


I’ve met plenty…there is hope for h addicts. Aa is good

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Of course it is. But heroin is a ■■■■■ of a drug

My cousin is a heroin addict. He’s only like a year sober but doing well. I hope he fully recovers

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My neighbors 9 months free from h but drinks and smokes pot. It’s a slippery slope for him

I think there’s a formula for kicking the habit. Takes a lot of time energy commitment. Not easy

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Non of the heroin addicts I know fully recovered. Only one pulled out, he’s working as a realestate agent now and his brother says he’s doing ok, but everyone is always worried about relapses.

Here is a trick question: how many H chippers (recreational users) you know?

I think you should stick with that guy @turningthepage.

Talking to me? Around 10/15 people.

That’s great turningthepage. I’m truly so proud of you. You’ve taken action very quickly to recover.

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Hmmmm I know only two. People say you can’t stay chipper on H.

Yeah he is already half way there.

The biggest step is wanting to be healthy, @turningthepage is there :smile:

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My best friend, you can call her a chipper, she only did it a few times and it has been a struggle to get her off. Her boyfriend is an addict and extremely suicidal, and here they won’t give you the same treatment if you’re an addict even if you are a danger to yourself and others. It’s been a rough year for me trying to help those two.