Meet Someo

I went to take a look at (The dating site for people with mental illness). It seems desperate for me to meet someone called “Someo”.

Just kidding. :joy:

Has anybody here tried it? I didn’t join up or anything.

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Is it international?
I’m afraid that it will be populated by psychopaths.


It’s international I think but I suspect it’s heavily USA-centric.

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No one was in my area and me and @Wave are in similar areas.


Yeah… When I see the words “mental illness” and “online dating” put together, I imagine a load of codependent people who try desperately to enter relationships in order to avoid being lonely, instead of trying to build healthy friendships.

No thanks.

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Your post is a disgrace @Pikasaur I flagged it, hope it gets deleted.

lol you are funny @Chess24.

I think the post is fine.

I don’t see how it’s a disgrace.
It’s just my honest opinion.

You’re allowed to disagree with me, that’s your opinion.
But I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a disgrace.

when i see the word ‘mental illness’ and ‘online dating’

i see someone with a load of problems looking for someone where they can help each other out, its a two way street, you can live a perfectly normal life with mi, there are always ups and downs imo.

i think its easy to put us down bc of the mi but we are all still human and we all deserve a chance of happiness


What’s the link anyways? I tried to google it, but couldn’t find anything.
I kinda wanna check it out, lol

It just worries me that many lonely people seem to think their problems and loneliness will go away if they only find a partner


Oh it’s meet someone. Your page is just zoomed in on the phone lol

Mine says meet someon with the n in half.

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I think a lot of people prejudge us that way, it may be true for some but not the majority, i reckon we all just want to be happy and meet someone so we can be happy :slight_smile:

Ooohhh I saw it as ‘Meet Someo’ :laughing:

It looks like it requires money… Bit skeptical about that.

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But why equate having a partner with being happy?
It implies that you’ll be unhappy without one, and i think that’s an unhealthy worldview.


Only 5 ppl within 25 miles of me and none have signed on in 3 years. I’ll be waiting patiently… jk

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you could say that about anyone even without mi tbh

True. It just seems like most people I meet with MI are more lonely tham normies

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