Mental Illness Dating Site

I have signed up for a dating site known as which is catered to those with mental illness.

Waiting on a confirmation from the site in the next 24 hours to give the okay for my profile.

I have signed up for this as I seek companionship, but suffer from ED at the moment due to prolactin issues from previous medication (Risperdal), and seeing as how I have Bipolar, the Doc does not want to give me cabergoline or bromocriptine etc as this will make me enter another manic psychotic state. In the meantime I have to just wait it out. It has been months already and being on abilify surprisingly did not help lower the prolactin, I had a rare effect with abilify in that it may have been raising prolactin or at the least, preventing prolactin to normalize.
I am now on Saphris and am hoping my problem will be fixed in a few months’ time.

My point in all this is, I figure meeting a girl with mental illness will understand my situation.

Have any of you tried a Mental Illness focused Dating Site? If so, which ones? (Looking for free sites to use, as there are a couple I have seen which immediately want you to pay to use)


Let us know how you get on with it !

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I used nolongerlonely and met a woman a lot sicker than me…ended up breaking up because I couldn’t deal with her. I met my last gf on plentyoffish dot com.

good luck…plenty of fish is free too.

I’ve never done internet dating (met my hubby at work), so I don’t have any suggestions but wish you the best. I hope you find an understanding, caring, and loving person.

I don’t want to use regular dating sites or meeting girls in person.

Most wouldn’t understand my situation, a girl with a mental illness may though.

I tried Nolongerlonely in the past.
Hardly anyone was on.
Very little activity in my area.

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I was also on NoLongerLonely before.

I had zero success.

I’ve read quite a bit of negative reviews about that site.

Sorry, I hope I don’t discourage you.

I hope you find someone on there.

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What do you think held you back from meeting anyone worthwhile?

Was it your location?
Lack of photos maybe?

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I did have a photo up. I think a lot of it had to do with my location, and a lot of the women I pm’ed on there weren’t from my area, or weren’t active for a very long time.

When I was younger I tried dating sites, I never seemed to get compatibility matches. I was lucky to find my partner at University. It’s interesting though because he ended up having dissociative identity disorder. I don’t think that having a mental illness makes the relationship easier per say. Sometimes it can be harder because you have to deal with two different sets of issues. We talk a lot which is really the most important part of any relationship. Good Luck

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Personally I’m always available - 31 year old man … Blehhhhh haven’t tried too hard to find a woman but if anyone wants to test the waters thats ok however this is a recovery website … Meh. Whatever :upside_down_face:

I don’t think it would make the relationship easier in the long-term, in fact, I believe it would probably make things harder long-term.

While my ED isn’t permanent, it will most likely last a few months before things normalize.
I would like to find a girl in the meantime that could understand my situation, and I feel that seeking another with a mental illness may be the best way.

After a good 30 minutes on this site, I have to give it a big nope!

There are virtually no women in my area (or even province) which have actually been logged in this year, aside from this one weird chick which I am just not interested in.

Not looking for something long distance.

I guess I will just have to tough it out, and wait for my full erections to come back to me before pursuing girls in the real world as well as general dating sites.

I am hoping by January or February I will be functional again. It’s been one tough year…

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