Meds not working (again)!

I’ve been on risperadal, haldol, abilify, zyprexa, and then I’m currently on both clozaril and latuda. Every single one/combination I’ve been on has worked for some period of time (3-6 months) before I get up to the highest doses and then have to try a new med/combination. Currently, I’m maxed on the clozaril and might be going up on the latuda. I’m not doing well at all… so start the fears of being committed to the hospital again. I’m only 23, and worried that I’ll go through all the anti-psychotics too fast for their usages!!

I was also on risperadal and my body built up a tolerance to it. I know how you feel. I thought nothing would work and I would have to be put in the hospital for the rest of my life for fear of hurting someone. It was a low time for me too. I’m on abilify now I’m not totally better but it helps. It takes a while to find a med that works. have you every taken Geodon? It helped for a while for me but then I built up a tolerance…maybe it will work for you.

Thanks for the response. No, I’ve never tried Geodon… we will see what my doc says!


It’s a hit and miss thing unfortunately! Takes a bit of craft for a good psydoc and that is half the battle!

Seriously. If you find a drug that works on your symptoms you need to stick it out. That can take a while and like six weeks is usually a pretty good guideline till you change it would seem!

You’ve got to understand that stopping medications is a difficult thing! Trying a drug again can be problematic after stopping them…I learnt that lesson stopping Effexor. I used to get joy from taking 75 mgs of it…nowadays after trying quite a few other medicines I take 300mgs with all the associated hard ache from side effects…

Brain pills are unusual. You need to stick with them for a while…

A friend in the struggle, Rogueone.

I agree about anti-psychotic drugs wearing off. My wearing off time is more like ten years. Starting with Haldol in the seventies, through the eighties on Loxapine, following that with Risperdal, Zyprexa and Seroquel in the nineties, Geodon in the noughties, and now Latuda. I continue with a drug even though I know it isn’t working working very well. Now, for instance on the Latuda, I have been hallucinating heavily auditorily. I figure I have to live with the SZ and take it as it comes. It’s a chronic condition. I hang on each day by the thread of reason. I have refused to go to a hospital for years. I don’t like them. I was in one for thirteen years. I know the ropes. It’s just boring. I don’t like being observed and then medicated with something I’ve been on before. I don’t like sitting around being forced to watch TV. Smoking is bad for us. You can’t have sex. I would rather not talk to a psychiatrist or a social worker. I have you to talk with. I like sharing my experiences. It helps both of us.