Does anyone burn through medications quickly?

I used to be on risperdal until it stopped working for me. Then I went on a risperidone and zyprexa combo and it stopped working in 6 months. Then I went on Zyprexa and Haldol until that quit 6 months after that.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Maybe you have treatment resistance. :apple::apple::apple:

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It was very difficult to find a med combo that worked. I have med resistance sza.
My current med cocktail is:
Clozapine 500mg
Zoloft 150mg
Lamotrigine 250mg
Concerta 94mg
Seems to work ok.

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I have been taking Geodon since 2009 but it didn’t start working until 2015. I wasn’t taking it twice a day or enough of it before.

But I am surprised I never got switched for those 6 years because I was very unstable.

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Have you tried abilify? There’s some evidence (above) that it doesn’t stop working.

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im on geodon 60mg twice a day, and rexulti. seems to work for me, you have to keep trying to find right meds that work for your chemistry.

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Abilify doesn’t do much for my voices.

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Zyprexa and Latuda didn’t work for me. I tried 4 aps.

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What finally worked for you?

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Risperidone 4mg. 3mg didn’t fully work.

Abilify 20mg also worked but it caused other issues, impulsivity and hypersexuality.

I have been through 6 in 7 years

Amisulpride was the one that worked for me

Refused Clozapine

Whats it like being on Clozapine?


It’s ok. I drool a lot at night. And I gained weight on it although that seems to have stopped. Getting the bloodwork done all the time kind of sucks. It doesn’t help negative symptoms. But other symptoms are better. It makes me very tired so I only take it at night.

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It helps me with positive symptoms. Blood work is annoying though. :baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick:

You could be treatment resistant.
Sounds like it.