Finding the right medication

Hello there I’m trying to find the right medication. I was wondering how long it took you guys to find the right medication, what medications did you take, for how long, and why did you switch them? This is a really tough process, for me I tried each for a month: Haldol which gave me crazy restlessness, zyprexa which was okay, saphris which made me act like a retarded big baby, and abilify which just makes me act a little retarded. Saphris and abilify make it very hard for me to retain things, enjoy anything, communicate, feel emotions, etc. Well that’s me, howbout you?

How long did you take each medication for during the trial period?

And yes i know it’s not that easy, I learned that already lol

I’m currently taking Abilify. It took my body a year and a half to become adjusted to the medication. The side effects of abilify in my situation was more tolerable than Geodon.

That’s a lot of time, I thought it only takes 2 months to adjust. What side effects were more tollerable?

I tried Geodon at different dosages, like splitting it into morning and night doses and taking it all at night and stuff. Settled on 60mg morning and night so 120mg daily. I also take two other meds to stop the akathisia it causes. It took me about 6 months to find the right regiment of meds. I tried Latuda and had a horrible reaction to it. I might try a different antipsychotic, if my doc doesnt keep prescribing me xanax for the akathisia, im not gonna be able to take Geodon anymore.


It takes about a year for your body chemistry to adjust to the medication. Don’t just switch medications. You have to talk about the side effects with your psychiatrist.

Geodon sedated me. Abilify sedates me as well, but the sedation isn’t as bad as geodon.

How long did you take Geodon for?

How many meds did you try in the six month time frame?

I only took Geodon for two weeks. Geodon gave me really bad anxiety along with sedation. I was going to stay on Geodon, but my psychiatrist said the drug wasn’t working for me and switched me over to Abilify.

I have been on Abilify since 2009. Abilify does have it’s share of side effects, but I was able to manage them due to my doctor agreeing with me to lower my dose of abilify.

The abilify is giving me extreme sedation as well. But my doctor is telling me to give it at least a month, so I have to deal with this until Monday, it’s the worst feeling being sedated.


I would ask your psychiatrist if you can go on a lower dose of abilify. Abilify is one of those meds where you experience more side effects, such as sedation, at higher doses. You might be overmedicated.

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I began with risperdal and remain on it untill now. Thats about 8yrs.

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My son has been introduced to the below medications over the past 3 years. Some discontinued for non-compliance some where not tolerated.
Zypreza/Zydis, Ativan, Haldol
Depot Risperidone
Risperidone to Paliperidone depot
Clonidin (tried one day while inpatient)
Quetiapine/Seroquel (while inpatient)
Valium (while inpatient)

I due my best to keep him off anything that ends in pam due to addictive personality so I insist he be off Clonozapam, Lorazapam and Valium (Diazapam).
Abilfy he never liked. It was like it brought him up and down at the same time.
Haldol he didn’t tolerate made symptoms worse.
Can’t even tell you why he was on some of these.

Now he’s on Clozapine, Lithium, Risperidone, Trazodone and Gabapentine. Hoping to streamline these soon.

My understanding is that yes it can take up to 8 months or more to see the full affect but if after a month or two symptoms are worse then chances are it’s not helping. My husband recently had to go on something for GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and the first 2-5 days was hard but after that it evened out.

Hang in there. Don’t give up on finding the right combination.

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two, latuda and geodon. I am also on xanax, i started it in november. I also take propanalol, a blood pressure medication, to reduce akathisia and treat my anxiety. It keeps my legs from shaking and keeps me from having panic symptoms, but i have never had a full blown panic attack.

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I’ve had Zyprexa (4 weeks) and Flupentixol (2 years). I now have Abilify (1 year) and Quetiapine (6 months).

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Why did you switch the Latuda after three months?

Why did you switch from the Zyprexa and Flupentixol?

My symptoms are mainly numbness and not enjoying anything, it’s a horrible feeling. I don’t know how your son has the strength to go through all those medications. Why did you switch so many times?

unfortunately my son developed a chronic marijuana addiction so he was considered treatment resistant when it came to medications. He came to live with me 8 months ago but I have all the hospital reports so I know what meds he was put on. Some he didn’t like due to side affects. Some he didn’t like how they made him feel. Some he just wasn’t compliant with. I guess they tried what they could. Now he’s stable and not chronically addicted to marijuana so he seems to be in a good place. I know he struggles with finding enjoyment out of life if he isn’t drinking or smoking marijuana and that it is a hard to deal with. I wish I knew how to fix that as life can be beautiful if it can be felt. I can understand enjoying that feeling of elation that can come from mania. Unfortunately most of us don’t go through life being over the top happy all the time. We are happy with being content most of the time taking ups and downs in stride. I can only wish you the best in finding a medication that will help you to enjoy the good things that life can offer without making you feel numb. That has to be hard to deal with.

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