Medication, you have tried and which worked for you?

Hey guys as above thoughts? For me clozaril was the only medication that worked for me, all else failed!


after long time looking what worked i stumbled on the combination of risperdal consta 50mg shot every 2 weeks and 200mg clozapine per day… that works for me.


Tried loads including clozapine. But serendipity led me to depixol depot plus quetiapine and this is my combo for life

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A combination worked for me. Zyprexa and vraylar! Nothing else worked and I tried them all.

Also clopixol worked but the side- effects were horrible. I started shaking alot. Great drug though, it evaporated my psychosis.


Seroquel, Abilify, Zyprexa, Risperdal…all failed
I too am now on Clozaril for about 8 years now and it’s the only one that worked

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I had one and a half year without depressive symptoms thanks to Isocarboxide (MAO-inhibitor)
It was a miracle drug, but the effect decreased slowly and no ADs besides MAOI have ever worked for me.

I am currently on the best med I have tried out of 4 aps. Risperdal 6mg. I know thers no better meds but I still have this annoying feeling that there is a better med.

Abilify seems to work well for me as a mood stabilizer, but doesn’t get rid of voices. Still, I tolerate it well and it definitely is useful

I’ve been on a few and most have worked (some better than others) I have found injections to be the best. My psychiatrist explained why that is but I can’t remember.

I used zoloft and it made me angry and weird they gave me risperidone and it has been working till now and i am on prozac again i think the prozac combined with the risperidone makes me extra sedated and also i will get a prescription of ritalin if its confirmed my cognitives are caused by adhd and not depression hopefully this med will help me.

clozaril has been the only med to work well for me, I’m on 400mg

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Risperdal worked the best out of many others.

Don’t know if there’s better for me out there.

Haldol works well also.

I had two options left - Amisulpride or Clozapine

Glad Amisulpride worked well

The weight gain puts me off Clozapine

They all work for me ! That I have tried but I’m on haldol and contacted my doctor about switching to something else

I was on Prolixen for about 20 years and then switched to Resperidone to avoid TD and I’ve been on it about 20 years. Also for the past year I’ve been on Seroquel.

Along the way I was briefly on Meliril, Abilify, and Geodon. I couldn’t spell them so my doctor took me off them.