How many medications have you tried?

How many medications have you tried? I’m asking because I believe I’m treatment resistant. I’ve been on 15 antipsychotics over the past 10 years since I’ve had this illness. Also, has anyone had a success story with Clozaril? I’m thinking of trying it with my new nurse practitioner that I see in 2 weeks.
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Hey, I’m treatment resistant paranoid type. I’ve been diagnosed for five years and am 24 y/o male. I have tried clozaril, and Ill give you a run down of what ive tried and my personal tips for best results.

  1. Invega Injection: Great medication for fast results to clear confusion and agitation, however for me was ineffective at relieving psychotic paranoid ideation of others (thinking they were plotting to cause me physical harm/kill me). Was on it for up to six months at a time. At doses above 100mg per 4 weeks it made me feel like a total zombie. Not sleepy, just a zombie. Perhaps at 50mg it would’ve been a good med, i cant say for sure.

  2. Zyprexa: made me really sleepy, at first it seemed to help but I never took it long enough or by doctors orders. It is know to work very quickly (a few days to a week or so) in people who it will work for. ie, if its the med for you, you’ll know within two weeks if its the one. worth trying if you haven’t. Recommend starting at 5mg not 10mg, and get to 10 mg over a course of 3-5 days of 5mg initially. Again ,I never took it regular or as prescribed, because im stupid and stuff, but it has been said to be a total game changer for some patients. It is rated as the second most effective AP, just under clozaril.

  3. Abilify: took 3 months to work, but it made me feel like a completely normal person. But again, took 3 months to see any benefit.

  4. Loxapine: Terrible medication that made me so sedated, as with people who look for codes or rhyme messages in language, sedation makes these symptoms worse and can cause things to become dangerous quick. I do not recommend loxapine for anyone who can’t tolerate the sedation of meds as it is more sedating than zyprexa and not as efficacious.

  5. Rexulti: It’s made by the people who made abilify. If abilify didn’t work for you, rexulti might. If Abilify worked for you, rexulti probaby wont work as well. (similar pharmocology, but simply each drug leans on one side more than the other, especially in regards to partial agonism on D2 receptors).

  6. Seroquel: For me starting at a low dose and very slowly working my way up to 300mg (from 150mg starting), it made me feel more calm than I’ve ever felt. Less sedating than zyprexa. However I later when reaching 450mg, began to have delerium like side effects and now even 50mg puts me in a bad state. Not sure why it did that, because at first it really did help, especially with feeling calm, total anxiety killer. But sedating. (keep in mind, delerium side effects are very unusual and often a result of complex drug use, same goes for other -pine class APs).

  7. Clozaril/Clozapine: I never got to enjoy this drug by itself, my idiot fraud of a pdoc (ex-pdoc) forced me to take invega 150mg injection with it due to prior non compliance. The combination of these two drugs together resulted in seizures with catatonic phases and hallucinations similar to those experienced with sleep paralysis. It would last 4-8 hours at a time. HOWEVER, Clozaril on it’s own i no doubt believe would have been perfect at 350mg daily, 300 night, 50mg day, it made me feel totally happy and I was able to do activities again like read, and look for work. It on it’s own (which is the only way it should be prescribed, not referencing, look up the studies yourself for proof) is a literal miracle drug. It is the gold standard. I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I read a very recent article of a single case study of a treatment resistant paranoid type to be effectively treated with 24mg abilify and 2mg klonopin daily when clozaril was ineffective. He had what was called “dopamine supersensitivity psychosis”, which is basically (more less) when your brain rejects most APs and instead floods your brain with dopamine. I was only able to find one study on it. Nearly all GPs and almost all psychiatrists have no idea what the term dopamine supersensitivity psychosis even is, and often based on its misleading name, make totally improper conclusions of what it means biochemically.

That’s all I got. Except to mention that drug and alcohol use, wether it’s OTC, beer, or meth, all these can lead to worsening of symptoms/permanent psychosis. So if you have any addiction (any) at all, then the best way to help yourself is to quit rec. drug usage (if that applies to you, just adding this last paragraph just in case).

Hope some of this helps. But IMO, you should just go for the clozaril. Give it an honest two-three month try. Best wishes.


Tried so many, i can’t remember them all. :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

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Great post word!
I’ve tried 6 or 7 AP 's and several anti depressants.

I’ve had no success to little success on most.


geodon, seroquel, haldol, abilfy, saphris and rexulti. I currently take saphris and rexulti together.

  1. Haldol, Invega, and Abilify.

Abilify, Latuda, Zyprexa, Risperdal. Seroquel for sleep while on Zyprexa.

A million. 151515

I tried a lot of different medications.
The worst are Abilify (I’m like an electric battery.) and zyprexa (weight gain.)
Risperdal suits me well, but I tend to have a lot of negative symptoms.

I’ve tried Zyprexa, Risperdal, Geodon, and Abilify.

Zyprexa made me put on a ton of weight in like, the two weeks I took it.

Risperdal made me lactate.

And I never really gave Geodon a chance.

Abilify has been the only med I’ve stuck with for an extended amount of time and has worked well.

Granted, I did have horrible akathesia in the beginning, but it went away on its own after three months.

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I was med resistant my second time in the hospital and they won’t tell me which meds I was on, but I remember seroquel and risperdal and zyprexa in the hospital, then abilify, and now latuda so not many.


Seroquel XR

Rispersal pills 3 mg
Rispersal constantly (shot) I forget the mg
Invega 234
Aristada 440

I’ve tried 12. Nothing stops me from being followed and recorded and reported on

Spot the ones I haven’t taken:


Ooof. Just a few atypicals I’ve not tried. ETA: The above is what I have tried.

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I have only tried a few antipsychotics:

  • Olanzapine: bad for weight gain, and it made me very sleepy
  • Quetiapine: didn’t completely address my symptoms
  • Aripiprazole: didn’t work at all, continued having symptoms
  • Ziprasidone: had this at maximum dose, and i still had problems, but i continue taking this medication
  • Clozapine: what i currently take in conjunction with the Ziprasidone, it is a winning formula.

I’ve also tried a few anti-depressants

  • Paroxetine: didn’t work
  • Sertraline: didn’t work
  • Duloxetine: didn’t work, and gave me amazing myloclonic jerks
  • Desvenlafaxine: didn’t work
  • Venlafaxine: what i currently take and does a good job.

i tried some APs but the combination that actually worked for me is risperdal consta 50mg with 200mg clozapine daily… that works for me.

About 6 or 7 combinations of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics in 13 years.

Seroquel , risperdal,clozapine and invega.i like the invega.its best drug so far

I’m currently on Clozaril, before Clozaril I tried:
Abilify, Latuda, Risperdal, Geodon, Haldol, Zyprexa, Vraylar, Fanapt, Seroquel.

Clozaril has definitely been the best medicine I’ve tried…you need regular blood tests though which you probably know about. The only side effects I have now is sedation (which is helped by me taking my entire dose at night) and I get occasional constipation. For constipation I keep a bottle of MiraLax around (which is OTC polyethylene glycol) and I usually have a bowel movement 2-3 hours after that and then I’m good. The medicine is quite bad about weight gain, but I’m not sure if I’ve gained weight on the medicine really, or if it’s just because of my poor diet and me not exercising enough.

The other thing I’d mention is the titration period is very slow, my doctor had me titrate up by 100mg a week…so it took me three weeks to get to 300mg (which my doctor said was usually the minimum dosage he sees a response to). If you smoke you need higher dosages as well, because smoking makes you metabolize it faster.

I’d definitely recommend it for people who are treatment resistant…very glad I found a doctor who would prescribe it to me.