Medication causing paranoia...?

I’ve been taking 60mg Latuda in addition to 300mg Clozaril and I’m still paranoid, so I’m wondering if maybe Latuda is causing it? I’m not sure because I was paranoid before but this is getting old now I’m tired of it.
I see my pdoc next week and I don’t know if she’ll increase the Latuda and whether that’s a good idea or not.
I think I’m destined to be paranoid until death :neutral_face:

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Yeah I’m always paranoid also (no matter which med I’m on)

You just started Latuda maybe give it more time.
Going up on the dose could help.


So since you’re always paranoid what’s the point of keep going up?
I should just give up and accept it?
More medication I feel will give me nms.

APs never helped my paranoia or my delusions. I had severe paranoia the first six years I was sick. I wouldn’t have dared posting anything on the internet.

I thought the government monitored every thing I did and although I am still technically delusional and am not convinced that they aren’t or weren’t but the paranoia finally faded somewhat. It still lingers but isn’t severe anymore. For me it was Xanax that eased the anxiety associated with paranoia.

Have you tried a benzo? I really wish I would have gotten a script for them earlier in my illness. It was needless suffering. Some people will tell you they are addictive but they weren’t for me. I hardly ever need one anymore but when I needed them they were a miracle drug.

That’s just my experience though. Other people may have had other success.


I’ve been on Klonopin before but I ended up addicted and had to quit taking it :frowning:
It made me really drunk, to be honest.

I had severe paranoia issues before starting Saphris. I’m on 12.5 mg now, but even 10 mg helped me out a lot. I used to memorize car license plates as they passed me because I was convinced they would kidnap me and I would need to relay whatever information I could to the cops. I would memorize street intersections I walked past so I could let cops know where I was when I was kidnapped. I carried a hunting knife with me and would grab hold of it anytime someone came into view because I was certain they were out to hurt me. The Saphris calmed me down majorly. I still have a hard time in public and avoid going places alone, but I am much, much better.


Time may help then. I kept thinking the government was out to get me. But they never got me. I just did my thing. I think they caused me to fail at all my previous jobs by exasperating my symptoms but I can’t prove it.

I started thinking about what they were going to do to me if they caught me. Give me schizophrenia? I already have it. That line of thinking helps

Latuda changed my life. I was able to go back to school and start a second career on that med.

I would just give the paranoia some time. I am glad I never had addiction problems with Xanax. I take the lowest dose you can take and only get enough to take one a day. If I don’t have anxiety they don’t even do anything for me. I can’t even tell that I took one.

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Latuda made me worse mentally, but that’s just me. I was on a pretty low dose though. Do you feel worse after starting the Latuda or has anything improved for you mentally? If you feel worse, is there any med you have not tried? If so, maybe you could switch to it from the latuda. If anything has improved, maybe you should increase the Latuda.

Sorry you are feeling so paranoid and that things aren’t going very well for you. I wish you peace and happiness and hope you find both soon.

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Honey, I don’t want to mess you more, but me too I find myself more paranoid on my ap. In the end, its not so surprising for these kind of meds cause they kill the dopamine and when this hormone of ‘‘happiness’’ is killed you can get anxiety and paranoia and bunch of other things. Me, I am desperate on my paranoia like you too. I was on klonopin for 6 years but it wasn’t enough to get me a life, plus its addictive, yeap. Now, I try the lithium. There are lots of fears who are not well treated by aps in fact :confused: . The fears are big part of my illness to the point that I have no life. But give it some time to the latuda, yes. And talk to your doc. Me too I was pissed that my docs didn’t believe that I am more scared on the aps but it was the reality. The problem is that they treat some other part of our illness, so we need them and maybe the solution is some cocktail which your doc will put you on.


So what I’m wondering is if it’s a good idea to take more Latuda (given my doctor says so); I used to take 120mg last year, but never with Clozaril.
I just don’t know what to do anymore :frowning:

More AP’s won’t necessarily give a person neuroleptic malignant syndrome. But they could get rid of your paranoia. It might be worth it to add a third AP to your regimen to try to get rid of paranoia. It worked for me.

I felt that way for sometime, @stellaglow–I just didn’t know what to do anymore. Meds just weren’t working for me. So I can relate. Then I started Invega and even that didn’t help for sometime, but eventually it did. Then I switched to vraylar and things got even better in most ways (the voices). Hang in there and keep working with your pdoc. I’d say up the Latuda with your doctors approval. Sometimes meds take a while to really work too. You have not been on the Latuda that long either. I know how it feels though to want the terrible feelings to go away and the struggle of time when it never seems like it will.

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Stella are you on any other meds? Like for anxiety? They can make a big difference too.

I think you should give it time to work, it could take months to get full effect.


@Berru is right, give the meds time to work @stellaglow.
It can take months.

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There have been times I thought the resperidal increased my anxiety.

I personally dont think APs can take away my paranoia its just too ingrained in me its all i know.

I’ve tried a lot of anti psychotics and some definitely made it worse. The paliperidone (Invega) injections gave me the worst anxiety ever. Started with the first shot, ended a few weeks after I stopped taking them. I could not even take a shower when I was on them because I thought stepping into the shower would cause the tub to fall through the floor, that kind of thing. Zero issues with stuff like that until I was on it. That’s why it terrifies me that some people are forced to take some of these drugs.