Should I worry about NMS?

I saw my doctor today, and she increased my Latuda dosage to 120mg. She expects me to take this and come back in a week. The problem is that I also take 12mg Trilafon, and I’m still suffering with psychosis. She said if this doesn’t work, our next option is changing the medication, and she also mentioned injectables.
I’m just worried I’ll develop NMS with such high doses of antipsychotics, and the last time I brought this up with a pdoc, I was dismissed. Instead of taking the Latuda, I’m thinking of decreasing the Trilafon, but idk what to do. It’s just so hard to take meds.

Listen to your doctor. They went to medical school and understand the drugs. You do not.


i’m on latuda 160mgs and Haldol 30mgs, I trust my doctor in knowing what he is doing. Do not change your dosages without discussing this with your doctor.


I know; I just have a lot of anxiety and I have difficulty in taking medication.

Oh, that sounds kind of similar to what I take and that makes me
feel better.
I’ll try the 120mg tonight. Thank you.
I hope it alleviates my psychosis because it’s been non-stop for months :frowning:

good luck, okay I know its a little intimidating my symptoms are almost gone and that in itself is a relief. I don’t know if I will ask to raise the dosages or not, I kind of like where its at. i’m not too exhausted or tired from the pills but at the same time I am not manic either.