Just as I lose weight on Latuda I go paranoid

I’m starting to think about how cía spies get their job and I’m hearing anagrams in what people say. Sucks because Latuda could have been a good medicine but I guess I might have to go back on riserdal

You don’t have to go back to respiridal, there are other meds you can try.

It could just be too much caffeine today or something but at least I can recognize when I’m going paranoid. It doesn’t help that my dad has a top secret government clearance literally. He just installs satellites for the navy but my doctor lowered my Latuda to 40 mg and although I haven’t started Latuda that low yet I think it could be just the idea of going to a Lower dose made me paranoid

My doc upped me to 80mg before starting work. I’m losing a little weight as well. My anxiety is high and I’m noticing same levels of paranoia but I think that is great considering I’m around people all day now. Were you at 80mg?

Yeah I was at 80 mg. I kinda of think it could be because I took my medicines so late at like at 3.30 am the other night. I take it late because I get akathisia I don’t know though

I take it at the same time every day so I know what to expect. I fall asleep well but only sleep for 6hrs tops. Wacky freakin dreams huh?

Yeah I have wierd dreams too

My sex drive is nill though.

I was on 140 mgs for the longest time and I got paranoid so the current pdoc ordered Haldol at 25mg eventually building it up to that. It helped the paranoia but it caused my hands to shake.

It’s better than risperdal in my opinion I wanna have sex more than zero at least. I feel better now I wish I knew why I always go with the Cia I wish my dad wasn’t working for the government it makes it hard to prove