Medication and Hidden Messages

When one is treated with medication, does the “receiving” of hidden messages/delusions of reference cease or does one still receive have ideas of reference that aren’t at the delusional level?

I think it all depends. For me they have almost completely gone away, but there are still some times where something will hit me a certain way.

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You have to watch your own thinking. You can develop objectivity toward your thoughts and feelings, your sensations.

for me meds just made me sleep. When I was awake everything was still the same.

All delusions of reference are therefore delusional. What can happen is you know what they are, you recognize them “This is a delusion of reference”, and try to think of something else. It usually works for me.

My mind works on an ideas of reference level. It comes from being alone for years. There isn’t anyone else but me. I have taken to recognizing them now as they come up. I try to replace them with reality perceptions a little.

I am medicated and I still get or have "delusions ". The difference is that i am more ready or willing to listen to people when they tell me it’s a delusion.

I guess you could say the level of conviction is lesser now that I am medicated.

As a side note @anon68237654 I think I might be developing more of a propensity to use my mobile to access this site from work like I am now!

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Just be careful, idk what your workplace rules are about using your phone on the clock. I know we’re allowed, so long as we aren’t neglecting any of our job duties, but some places are much more strict about these things.

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