Medication advice

Don’t ask random strangers on the internet for medication recommendations, just kidding.

Cariprazine would be the other dopamine modulator if you like abilify and rexulti. Following on from that you have geodon and latuda which both have low weight gain potential. Geodon put on weight for me. Abilify gave me mad akathisia at the start and wasn’t effective. Rexulti was fine but I was on such a low dose it wasn’t effective either. Latuda worked for me and I lost all the weight I gained on it like 30kgs. Never tried Cariprazine and decided not to move elsewhere getting a good therapeutic effect from latuda.

Amisulpride and clozapine are the best fro negative but also have other downsides. Amisulpride being one of the worst for prolactin and clozapine with white blood cells.

Risperidone, Olanzapine and Paliperidone are all good options if you have heavy positives but can tolerate sides and weight gain. One of my previous doctors also talked about saphris. Capylta is emergent.

That gives some different directions depending on what you are looking for from a medication. Also trust your doctor since they will have treated hundreds of patients they will also understand the above both in the literature and more importantly see the effects in clinical presentation.

Mainly just stay away from the first gen stuff and give things a try on your end theirs not much more art to it then being willing to try something different if you feel it is not working for you. Individual response is everything dispite the hype this thread would have for latuda and my own personal bias towards it.

If I had my time again I’d love to try Cariprazine, Amisulpride and Capylta as the other ones if that means anything.

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Awesome thanks. So many meds to try. Its like presents at christmas for dudley dursey from harry potter. His muggle cousin that he lives with. If youve seen or read them by any chance.

I was more of a star gate sg1 fan, I only made it up to the goblet of fire.