What should I take

I was just wondering, what kind of- no what meds should I take?
I took:

Any suggestions?

Whatever your doctor prescribes for you


well yeah i kinda know but those was the one he prescribed for me and none of them had positive effects so…idk what did you take?

Don’t think you should just pick and choose. Like pixel says - take what your doctor prescribes you.

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Initially, I stabilized on meds like Zyprexa and Olanzapine. Weight gain was a huge issue. Abilify didn’t do much for me. Been on Geodon for years and it’s been my wonder drug, but it has been losing effectiveness for me over the past few months. Being switched to Rexuti next week – nervous about it. My cardiologist is happy about it, however.

depends on what symptoms you are trying to get rid of. tell us that and we can give suggestions.

rexulti’s a good med for motivation. but its basically the same thing as abilify. if abilify didnt work for you maybe be cautious with rexulti.

@nicehat had DNA testing to see which meds would be best for her. You can probably ask about it.

Abilify is an atypical. Rexulti is a partial agonist.

I would check the prices and start with the cheapest your doctor would recommend.

Just because my resperidone works fine for me, it doesn’t mean it will work fine for you. It may work for you, it may not. Like it or not, when it comes to finding the right meds, we are all guinea pigs.

They’re both partial agonists. Rexulti is better for cognition and a bit more potent. They have similar chemical structure:

Rexulti, Vraylar and Abilify are all partial agonists so they are all similar.

I think Rexulti has less agitation than Abilify.

The dna test will tell you, request one at your pdoc.

I stand corrected! I just hope I have less cramping and drooling.

This is Canada. They don’t order DNA tests as those cost money that can be used to send Health Canada bureaucrats golfing.