Med Change to Geodon

So I’ve been on Latuda for the past 8 months and I can not take the obsessive negative thoughts.
I’ve gained a total of 10 KG from 53 kilos to 63-65.

I have better focus but it’s not working. I’m gonna back to Zeldox Geodon soon and lower the dose a lot.
I’m thinking of doing a 20 mg morning and 20 mg evening. I think I will do well and calm down from the crazy aggression.

I did the best on 5 mg Abilify before relapse, I was calm, focused, worked a lot and was happy. Too high doses are not required for my case. I have good insight in my illness.

So I will call my doc and slowly switch back to Geodon.

Fingers crossed.


I thought the therapeutic dose for Abilify was 15mg. Why don’t you try going back to that if it was working so well for you? Perhaps 5mg was just too low at the time.

yeah I would but I had reached 70 kilograms with Abilifly. I was so restless so I was eating all the time. The doc had given me 5 mg then increased it to 10 but I couldn’t take it. I also loved to go to the casino a lot at that time.

I can not believe I’m officially 140 pounds… If I’m not careful I will get fat after this. I look so chubby. I was 115 pounds and exercised 5 times a week.

I remember geodon giving me akathesia…I couldn’t sit still for ten minutes, it sucked. But then a lot of people say that about Abilify yet I never had that with this. I take Latuda now, though my main complaint lately is a fear of public places.

i like latuda because I sleep well on it and it doesn’t give me a lot of symptoms… but I’m aggressive and angry and have crazy reactions along with negative obsessive thought disorder.

I guess I was so well on Geodon mostly. I worked two jobs… had super motivation, worked out a lot and ate healthy. I exercised 5-6 times a week, studied part time… I did and achieved so much on it so I want to get back that life.

I had insomnia at night but so what?! I’ll take some ativan.

What does femme fatale mean?

Hope Geodon fixes you :crystal_ball:

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I don’t know what to do… I want to have peaceful sleep and have a calm life… I’m too angry and obsessive… I don’t know how to live in the present moment. geodon has a very short half life… I don’t know if I can live with that. Maybe I should just focus on exercise and lower my dose a little.

my doctor is like a cucumber… he doesn’t help me at all. :disappointed:

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I’m on Vraylar now.

Maybe try that or Rexulti. I think with your psychosis, it would respond to little dose. I’m only on 1.5mg of Vraylar, day 6. I have some akathisia and insomnia.
I barely lasted on Geodon, I don’t like taking something twice a day.

Xoxo :sparkling_heart:

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I’m on 160mg of Geodon now. It really knocks you out after you take it. I had to ask my new psychiatrist if I could take my dose at night only since I really couldn’t do anything during the day because of the sedating effects after taking it in the morning. Then there’s the involuntary movements that come along and screw you up even more. It gave me hand tremors and now I’m hoping I could decrease it to see if it gets rid of it. That’s the thing with these pills since you’re pretty much trading your ability to move for your sanity back. Although there was no weight gain side effects so I shed all of the extra weight from taking Zyprexa.

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Good luck honey ! :star2:

Geodon has been a Godsend for me. I’ve been on it a long time, and it has controlled my symptoms. I’ve pretty well given up on finding some kind of designer drug that will motivate me and make my life completely happy. I’ll just settle for something that controls my symptoms.

Good luck switching back @sleepybug :slight_smile: