Me and mom got in a fight yesterday. she has all the power over me, because im so poor

she told me to go downstairs and get her bottle of water. i told her to get it herself, and she said “go home” i said “you’re manipulative” and she said “go home, you think i owe you the moon or something” so anyways i went home and sat by myself all day since dad was gone, i realized i want to move away but am stuck here financially, and don’t want to be homeless.

i just get tired of her asking me and dad to go get her things she can get herself. she got so offended when i told her to get it herself.


My father does the same thing with me.
He sometimes jokingly calls me his butler.

I know he’s old but he can walk over to the fridge and get his own water.

But usually I cave in because I feel sorry for him.


well she hiked 1.4 miles down the steep gunnison route in black canyon of the gunnison just a couple weeks ago, so i know she can hike down 12 steps to get the water she forgot, she is 67.


Maybe she’s trying to train you for when she gets older. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah my father makes his own breakfast everyday he too is capable of getting his own water.
He takes advantage sometimes


I am usually happy to do stuff for my dad bc he’s done so much for me. But my grandma had a relative that would order me around as a child to get her a beer every five minutes. It was fine when I was 12 but at age 27 I told her to get off her ass and get her own beer. Damn she was a bossy thing.

And then your mom could be part of that generation that has the fetch me this and fetch me that attitude.


how horrid to be trying to give orders and be such a bossy boots.

i do not want to obey anyone ever.

i have agreed to getting bossed around a little if i give my consent and if i love the person and they love me and they do not talk down at me.

last fight i remember having with my mum was she said i have to much makeup on and told me to take it off.
i said we have different taste.
she was furious because i didnt “do as i was told”.
then when i got to my former stepmum the same day with the makeup on she complimented me for my makeup and how good it looked.
we all have different taste!

we had a biiiig fight a few years ago i was with a disability employment agency and i loved my coordinater/manager or what its called (the person working with me and helping me find work) i was excited about working with her but then my mum said i can nolonger go to that employment agency because they think im a schizophrenic.

i said but i am a schizophrenic.
she said no you are not you have aspergers.

she told me i had to change employment agencies to a agency that would label me as autisic instead of schizo.

i said NO.
oh golly did she chuck a ps####.
she was furious so i ended up doing “what i was told”: to keep the peace.

one of my great challenges in life has been as still is to stand up to my mum and others and not be so timid.
not be such a push over.
not “do as im told” when i disagree.

i loved serving my x such as making lunch and serving him but i did that out of free will.
different when someone demands it of you and talks down at you and supresses yu and doesnt value you.

i think it is relevant how someone asks for something too.

it is also relevant if they are unable to do it themself.

my mum lives in another country.

i could never live with my parents.
i would be homeless if those were the options.

they are not my boss.

my mum wanted me to be a free spirit yet she goes furious when i have different opinion than her and dont “do as im told” or stand up to her.

some parents even teach their children to say yes sir i will get you water.ha ha ha ha
thankfully my parents were not that way.

the first time i ever said sir was when i did hap kido martial arts.
my mum kindof taught me that sir is a dirty word.
kind of like saying you are my superior and i will obey you.
my sister thinks she is my superior and treats me bad so i avoid her.

some people are so agressive and try to be so dominant .
i can not watch some actors because it feels like they are attacking me through the screen.
trying to dominate me with their agressive energy.
just because they have agressive energy doesnt make them superior.

like da song goes fu ck you i wont do as you tell me …

actually my disobedience could get me homeless and in to trouble.

thankfully i have a woman who takes care of me and loves me unconditionally and helps me and never puts me down or supresses me but only empowers me and encourages me.she is my former stepmum.i pray to always have her.

her daughter is one who downs me though so i hope that will not become between us.

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i could possibly do as im asked if i was working or if it was someone i love who also loves me but it would have to be my consent that i say yes or no.

What song is that?

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i think it is rage against the machine.

or have i got them mixed up with another band.

is it called :killing in the name of

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It’s Killing In The Name by Rage Against the Machine.

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One time in 2002 when I was eleven or twelve my mom was sitting on her fat ass on her bed sewing and she called to me in the living room to come to her room so I went to her room and she asked me to pick up a piece of fabric that she had dropped beside her bed. What a lazy ■■■■■!

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I’d say count your blessings, you seem to have a pretty good setup, as far as having your own place and all that, plus your parents are still alive. My mom has been dead for 15 years, my dad for eight years. I’m envious of all of you who still have parents to complain about.