Maybe someone else likes the Beatles besides me

You have to be a bast*rd to make it, and that’s a fact. And the Beatles are the biggest bastards on earth.

John Lennon

I like the Beatles :blush: I have a ton of their songs. My dad used to get me their cds when I was a kid.

Their early stuff was god awful i think.

But then, a chemist once packed like one hundred pounds of ergot into a single tab, the beatles ate it and then made good music like magic.

I’m a fan of their early stuff. Please please me is a great album.

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I’m a YUUUUUUUGE Beatles fan.


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I love the Beatles.
George was my favorite

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Still more of a casual fan, myself.

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Oh I love the Beatles. My Mum is a huge fan, she grew up when the Beatles were around, she was born in 1950. So I listened to a lot of the Beatles when I was growing up.

She never saw them live but she and Dad went to the airport when they arrived in Brisbane to play a concert.

She says she fell in love with my Dad because he reminded her of John Lennon and the first song that she remembers playing when she met him was I wanna hold your hand. (I think I’m remembering that story correctly).

I bought her a dvd called A Concert for George (because George was her favourite beatle) for her birthday or for mother’s day one year and she still hasn’t watched it because she knows she’ll cry watching it.

She bought me two Beatles CD’s for my birthday last year.


My mum saw them live in the cavern club.

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