Here's the Beatles earning their reputation

Specifically George Harrison.


There are two different kinds of beatles.

Early beatles and acid beatles.

The acid beatles were better in my opinion.

George Harrison memorial tree was actually killed by beatles…talk about irony.


I know people who would agree with you. I heard their early work dismissed as “bubble gum” rock or as one person described it, 'Yeah, yeah" rock. And a lot of people would say their later stuff is much more creative and imaginative. But the thing is that when their first stuff came out it was revolutionary and cutting edge. FOR IT’S TIME. They had a sound all their own. Every musician borrows from his predecessors but the Beatles were unique. What they did was take four or five different styles of music and sounds like R&B, Motown, and fuse it all together to come out with their music. No one else was doing what they where doing. So while everybody has their own taste, the Beatles early work was as important as their later creations.

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Yes, it was important i would say.

Had they not began there they wouldn’t have made blackbird.

Was it good music, hell no it wasn’t.

Well I’m prejudice because they are my favorite band. I like their early stuff.

When i first began to listen to them i loved it.

But “i wanna hold your hand” just doesn’t last really.

Massively important though for them to go through that phase.

They’re early stuff just doesn’t have that last forever ingredient you know.

Just opinions though im afraid.

Yeah, that’s all these are.

It’s funny because while I am sitting here I have John Lennon’s, “Walls and Bridges” cd on.


Blackbird. And then i wanna hold your hand.

I am the walrus. And then love me do.

Here comes the sun. And Can’t buy me love.

They’re early stuff just doesn’t measure up in the least, still fun to listen to though.

Their early stuff was great. But not as great as their later stuff. For it’s time most of their music was good.

Agreed then.

Well maybe not great, but good.

It was average in their early years, down right mediocre actually.

All just opinions though.

Many people would disagree with that.

For me, although I like their early and late stuff too, their peak period was 1965-1967.

Every Beatles song from early to late were nothing short of miracles…the harmonies the Beatles honed to a fine edge in the early work was very much needed in the Beatles psychedelic period. Every song counts ladies and gentlemen…if the Beatles early work hadn’t been so successful in the world they wouldn’t have ever had achieved the “freedom” monetarily to start their own label Apple records to create their own creative, psychedelic music which would have never flown with record labels at that time…Beatlemania don’t forget was the vehicle that got the Beatles so far…


Most of what I know about the Beatles is the movee Across the Universe. I think it’s a great movie :sunny:


In my opinion and many others - the Beatles were musical geniuses - they paved the way for other musicians.
I look back at their earlier works - and yeah now it seems a bit corny or whatever. But during the time, it stood out.
I mean I admire them - they composed - wrote their own music.

  • you wont find anything negative coming out of my mouth about them
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Yeah, I don’t know why I gave in to the argument. The Beatles were (and are) the biggest, most popular, most successful band in history. @jukebox and @Wave are spot on in their answers. Their early stuff was great. I once commented to my sister that every song they recorded is a little masterpiece. Not every-bodies a fan. That’s cool. Not everybody liked Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, or ABBA. Not everybody likes pizza, JFK, Joe Namath, Angelina Jolie, or “Gone With The Wind”. But enough people do like them to make them the top in their fields.