Maybe idea not sz?


Sounds like an existential crisis. You are handling this the right way.


That sounds like she was worried and wanted to check up to see you’re okay.


That makes sense.


I’m sorry that you’re having such a bad time @LED. You probably should see you psychiatrist right away. Usually you don’t question your meds as much. It seems to me the haldol is still helpful, it’s just that right now your symptoms are acting up. Hope you feel better soon.


I feel so paranoid and scared. I’m not used to this lately. I used to be scared often. I took some Klonopin because I was thinking too much. I think it’s helping slow my thoughts down a little.

My clinician wants me to journal, but thinking about everything is just making it worse. I was miserable, but I felt a lot safer when I was paranoid of everything and everyone and hyperaware of everything around me. I take too many chances now. I’m too trusting. I need to protect myself more and I wouldn’t be in this mess.


The klonopin will kick in soon,

Maybe watch some cartoons and try to tune out.

Focus on taking care of your daughter and push all the other thoughts to the side.

I hate that you feel so bad, like you can’t trust yourself.

You’re a tough lady who’s been through a lot, you can handle a really bad day, you’ve had many before and you’ll make it.


It’s naptime. I didn’t sleep last night because I was so anxious. R and I were going to go to the playground yesterday but there was a super creepy guy that was being weird to me and it set me off. That plus what was said yesterday was just too much for me all at once. It really threw me. I was hoping to nap during naptime, but then my clinician had to bring up my anxieties about my daughter dying that I thought I was mostly over but now they’re roaring back and I can’t sleep now because what if she stops breathing and I’m sleeping. Gah. ■■■■. Mr LED will be home in one hour for lunch.


That’s a lot of bad shit) to be thinking about,

Its not a wonder you feel so terrible.

Talk to Mr. LED when he gets home and try to get some rest.

Keep it together, homegirl.


I’m sure I’ll be fine eventually. It’s just really made me question if all my problems are just PTSD and not sz. Does PTSD cause psychosis? But then I guess that still doesn’t explain everything. Maybe it’s just both and it’s just complicated? Why am I such a mess? I just want something to be simple.


That sounds really hard.

Can you and she fingerpaint, play with playdough, or make cookies when she wakes up?


It’s lunchtime when she wakes up. But I’m sure we’ll find something to occupy our time. She’s pretty good at keeping me busy.


My clinician is coming over in a little bit. She’ll email my doctor and get me an appointment when she gets here.


Ptsd can cause psychotic symptoms but the treatment is pretty much the same. You’d still have to take an AP. But you’d have to work through your trauma which is difficult.

But it’s also possible to have ptsd and sz. I hope you feel better @LED


I have largely worked through it. At least the worst of it. It’s just the little things that still get me, which I suspect they always will to some extent. It was just a lot all at once on an already bad day. I’ll be alright.


Have a phone appointment for tomorrow at 1:30.


Hope you are feeling better @LED !!!
Please take care of yourself and don’t worry too much.

I have PTSD and schizophrenia and don’t care about the differences.

Your daughter is fine!


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