Maybe I was just a late bloomer with anxiety who resorted to drugs and alcohol

Maybe I wasn’t destined for SZ until I did drugs and alcohol a lot. And I was self-medicating my anxiety and being a late bloomer. Well regardless, there’s a lot to say about my environment there. And either way I had a ton of issues. But since I think of it, I think I was SZ at age 15 or so. But it was much worse after I experimented with drugs other than weed and alcohol at age 19. And it was a strange year, I was never sane before that much but I met a girl who drove me very insane with her ways… But I’ve made a great recovery. I don’t think the cause of illness is as important as the symptoms. Unless u Believe drug induced SZ is a different illness. But both are permanent till a cure comes! So to me they are the same illnesses. I just had delusions and voices in High School, but they were much more mild, everything was made much worse in college. I haven’t heard voices more than 3 times since high school but I heard “ghosts” a lot when I was home alone from ages 16-17.

I don’t know.

My symptoms went off the chart at just about the same age,

I feel like that’s pretty common.

The doctor that diagnosed me with schizophrenia told me that it usually gets worse in your late teens/early twenties.

So maybe its not the drugs?

it was a bad trip with LSD that set off my symptoms really bad, then I was prescribed Wellbutrin and that made me absolutely insane taking that anti-depressant… Then I took Risperdal and that made me more psychotic too!! And then I was finally hospitalized and put on like 3 anti-psychotics. And brought back to some sense of normalcy.

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I believe that chemically induced psychosis is not the same as SZ. Whilst drugs can help bring out SZ, it was lying under the skin all along. Ive had a few friends who went overboard at outdoor psy trance parties and lost themselves completely off psychedelics that were admitted to hospital, They did not get diagnosed with SZ but rather "chemically induced psychoses and after a few seroquil or risperdal pills, managed to heal up. SZ is far deeper rooted in us and drugs merely bring our illness to the surface in a different way to normal people. Having a bad trip on acid is 10 times worse if you the paranoid type as it would be for a normal person who took it.

Unfortunately my symptoms started with alcohol which helped me lose my paranoia, which it turn led me to drugs. I felt the symptoms of this SZA long before i took any psychedelics I just self medicated my ass off which has made it hard for me to recover at a faster rate than other folk would.

On a side note is ive seen people who have eaten more LSD than a normal beautiful mind should. They are functioning and are not dealing with any MI in the slightest. That gives me more proof that our symptoms lay dormant untill awoken. Whether its drugs, stress, nervous breakdown, anxiety attacks, one of them will reach the surface knock on the door and we will open it.

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I really don’t feel like I appear that mentally ill anymore, but that said I need my 4 different medications.