Can the shepherd become the lion?

can a man, who eats no meat, get muscular?

I was thinking of replacing my diet, of canned meat, with peanuts.

I like chicken rather then lamb …!!

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Why do you want to replace your diet with vegetables? If you are doing it for weight loss reasons, there is no reason to do it. If you do it because you don’t wan to kill animals then I guess it’s ok. You need to eat your body weight for proteins a day to get muscular. If you weight 200 pounds, you have to eat 200 grams of protein a day. Get it from high protein vegetables like beans.

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I don’t know. I’m getting bored of raviolli and meatballs. peanuts would be a cool change. peanuts have low protein, eh? that’s probably not good.

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lol they have good protein, but also high fats, as with most nuts. Not ideal if you want to get muscular. If you wan to get huge, then by all means eat all the carbs and fats you want lol.

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guess I can try to cook red meat…

last time I bought red meat, I boiled it. the best I could do is make very watery soup. :laughing:

Honestly I love meat, you can just try baking a bunch of chicken breasts. Red meat is fine too. I also love pan frying salmon fillets. I think the key to get muscular is to you get protein intake right. Protein makes you less hungry and you will have to eat less carbohydrates and fats to feel full. Remember to eat 80% full on all meals. Also if your body type is endomorth, you might benefit from slightly more fats and carbohydrates actually. You should also be eating about two fists size of vegetables with every meal ideally.

you know your stuff. :smile:

two fist-sized servings of vegetables, eh? carrots and corn is pretty cool. carrot cake and corn chips are even cooler. bonus vegetables is the tomato sauce on pizza! :smiley:

just kidding