Marrying your high school sweetheart

Do you wish you had married your one from back then?

There was only one guy for me that I’d take.

I hear stories, it’s so heart warming. They actually did it

and stayed together.


I had a crush on the best student of the classroom. I wish we were together. I still remember her after so many years


I went through a real awkward phase in high school. First girl I talked to post middle school was this girl in community service after I got arrested, in 2008. Didn’t talk to a girl in high school as myself. But I fell in love with that type of girl I met at community service. She was an artsy girl. Rebellious. I wouldn’t marry her knowing more about her now but she seemed great at the time. Then I met another girl 6 months after that and fell in love with her she was similar. Sometimes think I’d marry her if I had a chance but probably not. These two broads had me the most mesmerized of any girls in my life but I know I was easier to fall in love back then these days I’m more weary and careful with people but I know plenty of fish are in the sea.

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me too, it just seemed like electricity all the time

he was star athlete, and homecoming king.

I guess he’s a doctor now. I don’t ever contact him.

I did enough showering him with affection when young.

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Did you have a relationship back then? Or it was a secret crush that was never confessed?

@tomcat did it. Cool guy


no I loved this one boy from 6th grade, all thru college.

I have the same name as his sister, Sheri. I think that may have stopped him.

He thought I was a pest.

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There was a girl I liked in high school I joined the girls basketball team as like a manager and statistician and she was on the basketball team but like I never talked to anyone and no one talked to me. Then I saw her in a restaurant years later it was a weird exchange but I could tell she knew I liked her. It was weird. I was real delusional at that time

What attracted you to her? Was she more drop dead gorgeous at the time?

I find those lingering moments too, and a make out session with a guy who really liked me in high school, after we were in college.


She was a freshman when I first saw her I was a junior. We played each other in gym class. I don’t know. She was always cute. Then when I saw her at the restaurant she was like absolutely gorgeous. Knew I had good taste at that point👍


I believe my daughter, 26, is propositioned many times, but she’s already married. I don’t know how she handles it.

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I wish i married my normal friend from high school. He was kind, funny, honest, stable, christian and smart.

Instead i went for a wild and exciting guy. He was intense, adventurous, intellectually gifted, highly sexual…and also lying, cheating, domineering and my introduction to alcohol, drugs and porn.

I dont want him back. Id prefer the sweet guy now. I think my life would have taken another route.


You chosed the best you could at that time.

It might have been the right decision then.

With the tools you’ve had you made this choise.

Don’t be mad or upset or dwelling on the past.

You have to accept what it was. What it is.

We can’t change the past but we can learn from it

You know now what guy you prefere

And you’re young. You might find someone.

Keep your head up g


this is actually about your first love

if Life in the Time of Cholera means anything

it lasts thru your lifetime. You become fixed on it

like a permanent stain.

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You are right! In hindsight, things are easy. And the wild boyfriend had good sides too, we had lots of fun - the wildest parties, greatest explorative holidays, best laughs. And he could be kind as well. He offered an escape from school and home at the time and was a companion.

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What are you talking about?

I never had a girlfriend but I did go on a date once when I was 18…it was a completely awkward karma date…I was tongue tied

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you gotta read it to know


That’s cool. I’m not into it rn. Someone wise said to only read writings that are made by achieved men/women (Spiritual/psychizally/financially/an impact on the world)

stupid advice

Marques is one of the best in his own right

it depends upon how learned you are.