Missed chance at true love

Ive been in bed all day and have been thinking a lot. One of my thoughts goes back to this girl i met in college. We spent a summer together at school. We danced in the rain, laid on top of a car and watched the stars, pulled out the futon and cuddled and watched forest gump, took long walks, and lots of romantic stuff together. But we never actually dated. Well we stayed close all of college and kept in touch for a while outside of college. About two years after graduating she called me and invited me to move in with her during her internship in South Carolina. I was in PA at the time and broke. I easily couldve packed my bags and went but i was to scared to leave what i knew.

She was going to school to be a doctor.

I think this was my chance at true love and it has slipped away. She is engaged to a firefighter in Maine now and will have step kids. I miss her every day. Still breaks my heart to this day.


I think we all have a person that got away. She probably would have broken up with you when your schizophrenia became an issue though. You might have made the right decision.

Yeah i guess. I dont like to do anything anymore. Id be a terrible husband.

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