Married yesterday....expecting presents from all of you!

Yesterday we Hiked up a mountain of a favorite local forest park and had a personal ceremony and vows exchanged just me and my wife. Just the two of us, I think it was more meaningful that way than having a traditional ceremony and hub-ub. We found a secluded spot on a collection of bolders and claimed it to be ours. We Marked the bolder we did our vows on and will hopefully make it back every year to add to it. Also marked the tree we were under with a ribbon to commemorate the event as well. I even marked the exact places we were when we read our vows. Hopefully these markings will last and remain untampered with for years to come

This type of marriage is only permitted in a few states so im glad my state is one of them. We wrote our own vows for each other and i was touched by what she wrote for me and hope she was equally touched by what i wrote for her. Overall i really liked how we did our own thing and made it a really personal experience i will remember forever. I love her so much and am lucky to have someone that is so considerate of the issues i deal with daily. It is no small task dealing with me daily and i appreciate the understanding she has. She looked like an angel within the backdrop of the forest and she is so completely beautiful, inside and out. I am truly lucky.


Wow, congratulations! What a beautiful spot, too.
Here is your gift :gift:.


Congrats! :tada:

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Congratulations @Reggie :sparkles: :purple_heart:

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Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. @Reggie :bouquet:

Wishing you a long and happy life together. :relaxed:

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Congrats! That activated my feel button


Beautiful spot. Hope your vows last. Congratulations.

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congratulations! I wish you many happy years!

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Checks in the mail. :sunglasses:

I wrapped it myself.


how beautiful xxxx

congratulations and wow what a beautiful ceremony and peaceful place xxx

happiest wedding day to you xxxxx

That’s awesome @Reggie ! Congratulations.

Congratulations! :confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada:

:slight_smile: Congratulations.:tada:


heeey how beautiful :slight_smile: congratulations !

Congrats!!! Here’s my gift

Wow that’s really great, I hope you love each other for ever and have a very happy life together,

Most of us people with sz can’t find anyone or get married and have kids, our illness won’t let us so I hope your illness is not a barrier,

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Congrats :grinning: you can download my originasoriginasl tunes for free :grinning: if you want I’ll make my Scotty vids available for download too :grinning:

congrats to the both of you.

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