Marians housekeeping project

Hey all.

One of my big flaws, is that I thoroughly hate housekeeping. I had a tough period. And now my house is a mess. And there is a lot of things that I should have done for ages.

I’d love if I can post a slightly bigger project here…e.g. “clean the kitchen real well, including the inside of all cupboards” or “fix the gates in my front yard”. And then post when I did it. So I will be very ashamed if it takes me a month to clean the kitchen. And I’d love if someone could say: ey, Marian, why is your kitchen still a mess? Get in there and do your dishes. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone wants to join. Feel free.


Project 1: my kitchen.


  • Dishes
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine: clean, sell, buy new one
  • Cupboards
  • Sort out all the insides of all the cupboards
  • Laundry basket
  • Floor
  • Floor behind everything
  • Airing ring
  • Retrieve key
  • Heater
  • Bring bottles away

Wish me luck.


I would have to start on the floor, then the fridge, dishes, oven, cupboards.


Best room to start. Go @anon21280033


I’m not really sure where to start…it needs a big cleaning.

I’m also looking at the washing machine. It’s 12 years old…and I’ve been told it is cheaper to replace it, because newer ones are so much more energy friendly. Advice is welcome.

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What about organizing everything and storing things in its right place and storing things that are never used then clean. Trashing things that are expired or gone bad.

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Thanks for the encouragement.

I’ll start with throwing things out, bringing the bottles away, and cleaning my…don’t know what it is called in English…the place in the kitchen that is like a big flat shelf and used to put all your dishes and food stuff when you prepare it (that’s a long description for just one word).

If all the extra stuff is gone…there is more room…and I can start organizing and cleaning the rest.

Edit. Google says: countertop.

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I also hate housework. I normally (like you) male a list of what i need to do and that helps.

How is your kitchen coming along so far ?

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Haha I am better at making lists on the internet than cleaning the actual kitchen. Or so it seems. I did a few small things and am taking out the bottles just now.

Do you have a project for the coming time?

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Im in bed for the evening now. But we are going away on the 15th so this week i need to sort the house out and pack.

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I am horrible at housework. While I was on Invega, my negatives were so awful. I let my house go. Trying to fix that. Can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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That is great. The latter part. I’m happy you managed to fix it bit by bit. Or are on your way.

Medication indeed made it real hard to clean and organize and do anything really. Then I had physical trouble, like dairy intolerance causing my iron to be real low. Fixing that is just… pfff… I admire you. It is difficult to me. Because I indeed let it go. And it’s difficult to oversee where to start and what to do. My social worker wants to arrange help. But it is taking forever.

My old case manager tried to help me by buying me totes. I never used them properly until now.

I still procrastinate. A lot. Right now I need to clean that filthy kitchen and bathroom. Its so bad.

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What is a tote? Good luck with the kitchen and bathroom. It is bad here too.

Those plastic bins with lids.

It’s been a long road because I am a recovering hoarder. It’s taken a year and a half of baby steps to get to where we are now.

My bedroom/laundry room was filled with hoarded clothes from like 2008. It took over 20 contractor bags to get them gone.


I struggle with cleaning entire rooms. I pick a corner. And then I pick the next corner.


I suggest starting with a regular cleaning then moving onto the deep cleaning later so you’re not so overwhelmed.

First clean the microwave, sink, and stove. Then the counters and the kitchen table. Than the floors.

In another day, clean out the fridge.

Then on another day, clean your cupboards.

Next time, whatever else is left.

It’s not so overwhelming that way.


Count me in! And don’t be ashamed. Even folding a few items is progress. I’m right there with you.

So, my current project is pets.

  1. Bathe Smooch
  2. Cuddle a non-stinky Smooch and introduce her to a slicker brush
  3. Trim everyone’s nails (guinea pigs, too)
  4. Clean out guinea pig cage, change liner
  5. Scrub crates with pet cleaner
  6. Work with Ghost on harness walking
  7. Train pups on some basic commands

Thanks all.

And @Happy_H, thank you for joining in.

I’m cutting it up into pieces indeed.

And I decided on a different strategy. I feel overwhelmed and run back to my computer. I have just set a timer. And I will do 15 minutes of cleaning. Then something nice, like a few music videos, to relax. And then 15 minutes. Relax. I suspect my sensory sensitivity is also a barrier. Dishes or cleaning dirty things are highly uncomfortable to me. Touch is the worst, and I hate f.e. the oily feelings of dishes on my hands. Hopeful the 15 minute thing helps. :slight_smile:

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@anon4362788, I have a tendency to not throw away stuff too…and kid as well…so it is time to be more radical about cleaning.

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