Oh man... still wide awake

This has been an amazing activity packed day.

I’ve been doing all I can to burn off this extra energy, and as a result I got a LOT of stuff done. Cooking, gardening, cleaned out all the closets, fixed the car, found out what makes the toaster tick.

I went for a run, a swim, and did a lot of other needed to be done stuff… and here it is… I am still feeling energetic. I’ve had NO coffee today.

If I don’t get some sleep tonight… I am going to have to check in with the doc.

I don’t want to bore everyone with all the amazing epiphanies I’ve had today, about humanity and how much energy is in the smallest atom.

I like feeing energetic… but when I can’t the wheel in my head to stop spinning… I have a feeling it’s time to call the doc. Half of me doesn’t want to. It seems silly to call the doc when I’m doing this well… or rather when I feel like I’m doing this well.

I have some family who doesn’t agree with me… as much as just want to enjoy this amazing energy… I do listen to them. So tonight will be the deciding factor… either I finally pass out due to exhaustion… or I watch the sun rise on another amazing day and actually call my doc.

It’s sort of a drag to think that feeling this good isn’t a good sign.


I enjoy those days I try to harness them the best I can

How long do you enjoy those days before you start to think… Oh oh…

This might be too much.

J it sounds like you are experiencing Mania - welcome to my world.
Talk to your pdoc- your DX may officially change over to SZA who knows. In the meantime try to find some quiet time and enjoy some of the euphoria while it lasts - take it easy

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About 5 days but it rarely lasts more than a week for me , what usually happens is I go on blast for like 5 days then I end up crashing for about 4 days or so then I level out when it happens

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I’m trying not to get too fidgety and start rewiring the lamps and stuff… There is one lamp that I’m sure… if I can just get in there and poke around… I might be able to fix it.

But my sis won’t let me take apart her lamp.

@Wave, my question… do meds ever help someone come down from this? Or is this just a wait and and surf it out and burn it off sort of deal? Thank you for reply.

I don’t know if I want to see myself after a week of no sleep. Thank you for the shout out.

For me I’ve always surfed it out and just rode the wave . There is meds for it though mood stabilizers. @wave probably knows more about that.

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When I’m in that state I live on like 3 to 6 hrs sleep . But when I crash I’d sleep for over 12hrs

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I’m on Latuda and Seroquel… that is supposed to be stabilizing.

I’m sort of enjoying the ride… but I’m just not used to it.

Just like it takes practice to get used to the big waves I guess.

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J there is a possibility that the Latuda might be making you a bit on the up side of things. Latuda has strong antidepressant properties and can keep certain vulnerable individuals a bit hypomanic or manic even.Its best to discuss with your pdoc, but even its not the Latuda doing this, it seems that you are prone to getting a bit revved/hypomanic?
There are mood stabilizers that can keep things away from the manic side of things - like Depakote, Tegretol, lithium, Trileptal etc… You may need a mood stabilizer added to your anipsychotic to keep things even keel or you may not, only your pdoc would know. Try to get some quiet time- rest in a quiet place, listen to soft music etc… till you talk to your pdoc.
The other day I was revved all day - I got a lot of things done, the following day I was back down to earth.
Good luck to you J - there is a remedy for this


Thank you for this. The Info and it is something to go on.

I’m trying to sort of slow the wheel in my head and hopefully get some sleep. I’m hoping this is a just a fun gift of a glitch day. Sure beats other glitch days I’ve had. Loving the energy… not used to the speed of it.

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i have these times where i’ll stay up all night cleaning…energy levels off the scale and i want to mow the lawn at 3am when i’ve run out of things to do. i’m ill with viral bronchitis right now but today is one of those days. i suddenly want to gut the house but i don’t actually have the breath to achieve it. usually for me it lasts a few days then just wears off. you should be ok hunni…just let it run it’s course. it’s not usually a precurser to anything major so try not to worry x

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I’m hoping that you got some sleep and didn’t rewire the lamp…

How are you feeling this morning?

Thank you for this… I feel amazing. I’m happy, I’m up, I’m ready to get this day on the road and it’s only just now 6:00 a.m.

One or two hours semi- sleep and here I am wide a wake.

My sis wouldn’t let me near her lamp.

But I was able to rearrange all the books in all the book cases into more Dewy Decimal system… got all four surf boards cleaned and waxed.

Did some midnight pondering… can’t help it… my brain doesn’t want to slow down just yet.

I will be calling the doc as soon as his office opens. I sort of don’t want to. I feel super great. But I know that this is off the scale from my norm so I should probably let him know.


I’m glad that you will be calling your doc. I’m sorry that you have to. After all that you have overcome it really does suck that you are in a place of calling him because you are too happy. I wish it didn’t have to be that way as I’m sure you do too. However we know that our brains also need downtime to recharge. Being in a constant state of hyper is not good for the body either. Know that I applaud your ability to see past the mania and make the hard decision or phone call.


Thank for that… :blush: I have to admit… It’s not all me.

I made a promise to the sis after I woke her up a few too many times. She said I was starting to get my “church of surf cult leader” vibe back and acting like our younger brother.

A bit irritating having someone dampen the euphoria… but I do need to keep perspective in mind… I’m still swinging on the fence on this one. But It’s OK to admit… Right?

I might need some help making that call… but either her or me… I’m sure by noon today… the call will happen… A little help from my friends sort of thing.

Being lost is as legitimate a part of the process as being found.

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