Man, what next? Trivia at work. Yawn

I work on an army base as a janitor. I work all day among men and women of all ages. When I first started three years ago, there were MANY young cute women soldiers who would say “hi” to me while I worked. And smile. I was flattered at first.But it was innocent on their part. But I enjoyed it until the obvious hit me.I didn’t want to be the creepy old 53 year old who payed attention to mostly young married women. So I went the other direction. I made a point of not checking them out, even though there were some real lookers. And girls have bodies. But I was doing fine.
But how do I get re-payed?
There is one girl who transferred in a couple years ago. We were friendly at first and she is beautiful. And is…well…“built” But we mutually discovered at the same time we don’t like each other. Fine. But I made sure I don’t check her out even though I see her every day. So today I walk past her and I turn my head away. I get about 15 feet away around the corner and I hear her say to this guy" He’s bothering me". My ears perked up. But the guy, who is actually pretty cool says audibly, " He’s not bothering you". And a few other words about me passed between them. I actually got upset because I DO NOT want anything weird going on between me and any women.You women know what I mean. But all I can think of that I was doing was I was making A POINT out of NOT looking at her. Maybe that’s what upset her. The last thing I need is peripheral problems about nothing cropping up at work.
I told my co-worker. He says he stares at her all the time! So I will do my duty and start looking at her like I really want to in the first place.

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