Man at the woods

there is a man at the woods that fancies me. i see him quite often when i take my two dogs for a run. i don’t fancy him back but it’s nice to b appreciated nonetheless. he keeps asking me out for a drink. i’m very flattered as i look like ■■■■ when i go dog walking…no make up, hair blowing all over the place…u get the picture. he seems like a lovely guy but i’m just not interested and i don’t want to lead him on by meeting him for a drink as i think it would b unfair but i am flattered that he’s asked me twice now. just wanted to vent as i have dire problems with any kind of male attention. this guy seems from the little i know of him to have a strong moral compass and that impresses me but physically i don’t find him attractive. i’m starting to wonder if i’ll find anyone attractive ever again.


First of all, I’m glad you made it out to the woods after feeling so crummy on the Haldol! Congrats :slight_smile:

It feels good to be noticed and complimented. But I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I rarely find anyone attractive anymore. And I’m just not interested in dating at all. But I’m am actively trying to make new, non-romantic friends.

Maybe you can just be honest with him and tell him you’re not interested in dating right now. Maybe he could be a good friend to you instead!




Like you said, it is nice to be appreciated- maybe you have gained a new friend?


yes definitely a friend. let’s hope he settles for that. i think he will as like i said, he seems to have a strong moral compass. thanx guys for the replies xxx

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Ahh, stuck in the dreaded “friend zone”. Not the news he was hoping to hear!


good on you, he thinks you are gorgeous at ’ what you say is your worst ’ ,that is a big compliment.
take care


I have a feeling you will find others attractive again. You have a lot on your plate too… your raising kids, making ends meet, taking care of yourself too, keeping a house up… I can understand you life not being ready to take on more people.

I can understand the attraction… You are an amazing person.

thanx james…i think ur pretty amazing too xxx