Ahhh there is this guuuuy

He’s cute. He’s funny. He’s charming. He’s interesting. Well he’s going abroad for a few months for work then returning… He wanted to meet me beforehand

But I’m NOT gonna get involved romantically.

I don’t feel it will work.

One day I won’t feel disappointed about that as person right will walk through the doors.


The reason it won’t work is because I’m very ultra sensitive about ticking all the right boxes for himm.

Thus, that equates to stress.

And stress is not life.

Not chronic stress anyhow.

I’ll give him that though, he’s hot.

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… So now he just messaged me and I feel like running back to him. Interesting coincidence as I make this thread


Why do you need to tick the right boxes for him? Value yourself

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Cos I wanna be loved right. If I don’t tick the boxes he require then I’m not the one :sob:

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But I am thinking I could meet him as a friend instead tmrrw.

He leaves the country for work project Sunday morning

Make them come to you. If you want to be loved right, be the one who decides whether they are worthy of being yours, not the other way around.

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I’m just not the most confident woman. You are a very confident man. I think. So maybe it is hard to understand my perspective

But yea I’m okay… I do agree.

If you met this dude I think you’ll see what I mean about him being cute. He’s universally, objectively cute lol

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I’m not as confident as you think … I will say though, you need to value yourself more. You are definitely attractive, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the confidence to go with it. Know your worth :slight_smile:


Hey can I ask, are you 24??

It is okay if it is private. You can ignore that message.

I am asking about your age cos I think you are the same age as my brother maybe

I’m 29. If you’re smart you can figure out my birthday

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I am an egg. I know every. Thing.

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Oh yea I remember. Oh cool I didn’t know you were 29

Iirc you are 33?

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Yes I am the age jesus was murdered. What does lirc mean?