Making the best of the straight life once again


I think I have my ■■■■ together about stopping weed use now. I did the finances and I will have a horrible Christmas if I continue to use weed, and that was the same ordeal which caused me to stop smoking cigarettes. I am just worn out being poor anymore. I want MONEY !! I will not post again about this unless I fall down. I don’t think I will this time. I have support from my girlfriend and family about it.


With the support of your girlfriend, I think you will succeed in quiting weed this time. Good luck and take care, jukebox.


It sounds like you really WANT to do this. When a person gets a deep WANT… I think that is when they have the best chance of succeeding.

You personal want to quit and the love and support of your family and girlfriend, I bet this time, you’ll make it. :thumbsup:


How old are you? I smoked weed everyday from 18th birthday to 21st birthday. It was a burden although I don’t regret it. It was amazing how I always found a way to get money for it. But then I went through treatment and was exiled to my parents basement where I couldn’t have access to it or money and I stopped smoking and ever since I’ve only smoked a little bit. I went a year and a half without it at one point. And I have only smoked once the last 8 months. There was a 3 month span I would go over my friends house 4-5 times a week and smoke at night but I’ve lost the need to do it. And now it just makes me paranoid and/or anxious. I feel I could be a 40 year old smoking a joint on a Saturday morning and then going to dunkin donuts for a donut and a coffee but for now it’s easy for me not to smoke. It hasn’t always been that way.


I am 52. As idiotic as it sounds, I have already decided not to stop the weed again. I am not going to post about it anymore. I have willpower for about an hour or so and then I totally crumble. Buying more tomorrow. I guess Christmas will just have to be celebrated earlier in the month now at my house. We’ve already exchanged gifts anyways.


Wow I guess I can’t relate to your story then. Maybe check yourself in to in patient rehab or something. I feel the desire to smoke all the time goes away after a certain amount of time. My friend who never went to rehab is almost 24 and still smokes all day long, while I’m 24 and don’t, because I’ve gone to rehab. And trust me I wasn’t planning on stopping when I initially went to rehab. But only if you want to. I don’t claim to be enlightened and know all the answers though, maybe our minds just work differently. Peace and good luck.


ok, I’m back to straight edge…haha…yes, already. I saw how poor my Christmas was going to be and cancelled the order. I am so happy. I am going to buy a cheap acoustic guitar and some cd’s I want. it’s going to be a happy Christmas after all ! I know you guys are probably shaking your heads. I really do think it’s the right thing to do to stop. I am having trouble with initiating it. Now that I’ve cancelled it I can’t go back so I am finally resolute I’m stopping weed.