I will not smoke weed tonight because

Because Im seeing my friend tomorrow and it will ■■■■ me up mentally and make me groggy and I wont have nearly as good a time.
Because I’m getting drug tested weekly
Because its god damn stupid

But I’m going to my friends house in 5 minutes since hes going away on Monday for thanksgiving, might not see him. he has a medical marijuana card and will probably want to smoke weed but I will tell him no. I was all set to take “1 hit” but now I’m becoming better with the supports in my life and I will not take that 1 hit.

Peace out.


well that’s good. I still smoke weed but not near as often as I used to…I’ve been self medicating since my friend Julie died…helps me.

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i know it can be difficult but you have good plans and I hope you keep to them. x x x x

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good for you, i hope you can keep this up, its a good attitude, why waste it all for 1 hit and the rest, your being smart, your a cool guy :slight_smile:

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So far so good. He smoked dabs but I just vaped. Then we went to the Chinese restaurant now we’re watching football. I’m proud of myself.


Good job! :slight_smile:

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I believe those are all the right reasons not to do it. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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You should be proud of yourself @Jonnybegood.
Really Good Job!


Thanks I’m home now so I officially didn’t smoke weed tonight! :slight_smile:


Be safe 1551551

It’s for the better not too smoke. Life is hard enough without messing around with your sanity by adding drugs to the mix. I learned this the hard way.

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It gets easier like many chemicals. I have a friend who still smokes weed like a chimney. When I go and see him I take a couple of beers. I don’t miss it now as I know it’s no good for me so it isn’t even on my horizon. You’ll learn to live without it!

Well done you for staying off it!

Im trying to quit the weed too - but now ive been forced to cos i havent cos a pot to piss in at the moment. I was spending 100 pounds a fortnight on it and i just cant afford it anymore. Plus altho it gives me “temporary” relief from the negative symptoms it royally screwes me up for the rest of the day, like not being able to go out cos im just too damn paranoid on it. So good luck with your endeavours. My quitting has been forced upon me, but im treating it as a blessing in disguise. /edit - Even when ive got some cash ill not be buying anymore - i thought i would panic without out weed, but im strangly calm about the whole situation. Im back to the e-cig as i cant even afford the tobacco to roll a joint with anyway! lol

Very nice m8. I did the same thing the other day and avoided it because I was hanging out with some friends the next day and it would turn me into a groggy mute

In a way I understand self medicating because when I was most psychotic with voices,screams ,gunshots 24/7 the only thing that made me not hear them was either being ridiculously shi# faced (drunk binge drinking) or being asleep.

But at the same time it can make things worse.

Marijuana should not be taken by schizophrenics I think specially not without medical permission and support.

Some people handle it differently.

I have heard of judges , drs ,etc smoking it too.

One should I think be doing ones best and avoiding triggers and things that are proven to make you worse.

Smoking pot all day ain’t good I think.

There seems to be scammers and trolls on this forum lately.
People that do not have schizophrenia and I think that is a insult to those that do.

I can have humour about delusions I have had and I still have some but I am humble to the agony too.

I think some have just copied what they have read from real schizos.

which posters?? I think everyone reacts to pot differently. Including amongst schizophrenics. I think I handle it better than your AVERAGE schizophrenic. I have a med called naltrexone which no one else takes which interacts with cannabis in a way it has cured my anxiety. But now my anxiety is cured so the cannabis isn’t doing positive things but rather negatives… I’m not gonna end up in a psych ward from taking weed alone. But it could make me manic, depressed and psychotic somewhat. Just not enough to end up in the psych ward. But enough to make me not enjoy life. I don’t notice any trolls!!!

My friend is on 600 mg clozaril and 400 mg monthly injections of abilify and he smokes weed all damn day…not saying its right…but he works…functions…does everything…except lose weight cuz of the munchies.

So some people are different

I used to smoke all day every day. I can’t anymore, if I get too high everyone and everything is in my mind, reacting to me and my thoughts
Convincing me of very disturbing things

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omfg its @eyeofRa

no freaking way

how are you

hows your ginger dread locks flower child girl!?!??!?!


sorry I’m manic right now.


My hairs are coming along nicely and beautifully :slight_smile: nice to ‘see’ you!


I was @chew and @turningthepage

I’m sure you remember me.

Gotta share us a pic of the hair sometime soon!!

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