Magz' keto-thread

I think I’m going to lower my protein. I’m paranoid that too much protein will kick me out of ketosis. As I understand it it shouldn’t be a problem if you have adequate fat together with the protein, but I’m doing it just to be sure.

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Day 15 of keto. I will start to lower my protein cause I’m a bit worried I’m eating too much. Most people say too much protein is not an issue, but I’m lowering it just be sure. I aim for 60g protein a day divided in three meals.


Sounds like some good sensible goals…hope it’s going well for you!

I kind of miss carbs. I’m going to give this keto diet a shot though, it can take 4-12 weeks to become fat adapted. So I guess I will give it a shot for 12 weeks minimum, then if I feel worse or no different I’ll probably start eating carbs again.


I could go very long this morning without eating, maybe it’s a sign I’m starting to get fat adapted. We’ll see.

I have also felt very clear minded today.