MEG is a new technology that measure the electrical activity of neurons of the brain, super-imposed onto an MRI. This is called Magnetic Source Imaging.

Theoretically, with a large enough MEG, you could accurately map emergent behavior in the brain down to the neuron.

When experiencing auditory hallucinations (as I am) you could see exactly where in the brain those neurotransmitters are functioning in real-time.

Perhaps with the invention of smart drugs, you could shutdown those portions of the brain, and cure schizophrenia.

Any thoughts? I am new to neuroscience.


Pretty sure its not that easy.

So far the most proven sz theory is the excess dopamine theory. All sz antipsychotics block dopamine.

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that causes electrical impulses in the brain. The magnetic field from these DC electric currents can be measured.


This would be a huge leap forward all by itself. The problem blocking dopamine in the brain, is that it doesn’t just Target one part of the brain, it can affect areas that should not be affected

As a result, bouts of depression are a potential side effect of some antipsychotics

However… Using this technology together with transcranial magnetic stimulation could be an interesting pairing. MEG could pinpoint the area being affected, and transcranial could be used to bring things back into balance

I asked a hospital MEG department for information. They said no one is currently working on schizophrenia, but they would let me know if any studies are being conducted.

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